How the hell does that happen?

Once again a friend of mine sends me a thought provoking video link that hit home right after I spoke with  60 parents on Saturday about MY journey and them starting theirs.  The link is appropriately called "Stop the Cycle". If you have 90 seconds it is well worth your time to find the answer to the question, "How the hell does that happen?" It hits the 'heart' of one of our nations 'biggest' problems, Childhood Obesity!

I cannot stress the importance enough for the need to deal with this issue here and now. Later is TOO late for millions of people. Fact: at least 80% of obese kids become obese adults. What, you thought they would grow out of it! Not a chance.

TheFatGuy was fortunate to have parents that worked hard to keep him in bounds with his weight and tried to help him set some healthy habits for life. Well they kept him inbounds as a child and teen, but he went out of control as an adult. I can only imagine where HE would be if he had been an obese kid and teen,  and then went out of control.

Actually, I think I do know what would have happened. You would not be reading this post now. TheFatGuy would be deep in the grips of obesity at far more than the 360 pounds he reached in 2009, he would be hospitalized, or he would just be plain dead!

Children deserve our love and support. This love and support does not come in the form of constant instant gratification. This love and support comes from helping children develop healthy happy lifestyle habits that will serve them the rest of their lives. Constant rewards like sweet treats and French fries are sabotaging our young people. We cannot keep pacify kids with junk food!

Take a step back and look around. Really look at the kids you see. View every overweight/obese child as a ticking time bomb. Why? Because we are building millions of them right now. Not a few, not a hundred, or a thousand, but millions of time bombs.

Now take one moment to know that I was a ticking time bomb in 2009 at 360 pounds. At 53 years of age I was able to switch that time bomb off, strip it down, and rebuild it. I will be 56 years young in May and in the best health/shape of my life. Do we want to defuse the young time bombs now or take a chance and think they will defuse themselves later? Remember, I struggled with my weight as a child, but I was not really obese. I made that leap as an adult. 80% of the time bombs we are building will remain time bombs forever…………………….. and forever may not be that long for many of them.

Tick, Tick, Tick………………………………. BOOM!                                                                           

Note to ME and YOU: Short term gratification is not LOVE!


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