How did you get so FAT?

"out of the mouths of babes"

How did you get so FAT?

Had a great month of January helping people find their journey of weight loss, fitness, and wellness! I also got to help a lot of kids set healthy habits with the Youth Marathon program. I am the Volunteer Director of this program as part of the Charleston Marathon. Being involved in this effort helps to keep ME on track, allows ME to help kids, and allows ME to promote healthy lifestyle habits with our youth. Helping adults and kids needs to be part of my life.

I’ve gotten to visit kids at many schools in the years since creating the Youth Marathon Program in 2009/10 (thanks for ‘talking me into doing this Charles Fox). I thank a lot of caring adults for promoting this program at their schools and with their kids. I love you guys because you are so dedicated to our youth!

Yes, the adults are great, but I really love that the kids say the darndest things! Things like:

  • What exercise routine did you do when you started in March 2009? > At 360 lbs. I just started moving more! I walked the dogs, took the steps, did simple exercises with dumbbells at the house, and simple stuff.
  • IS that really you? You wore those pants!? > Yep the pictures I show kids and the size 54″ pants I wore in early 2009 are really me and really mine. And, they came with a lot of health issues!
  • You are HOW OLD? (after telling kids I am 58)> Yes, I am 58 years old and I am in the best shape of my life. I have never felt better.
  • Mr. Mike you FAT! (In 2007 as ED of the Boys & Girls Clubs)> No explanation needed, I was FAT!
  • AND the biggie: How did you get SOOOO FAT? > Bad habits and bad choices as an adult!

I know the last 2 may offend some people. I know some people have an issue with the word FAT. Well, kids call them as they see them. Kids do not know what PC is and are not going to hold back many, if any, punches. Refreshing, isn’t it! If you want to hear the truth, ask a child!

“Mr. Mike you FAT”! Came from an 8 year old boy at a Boys & Girls Club Unit when I was Executive Director in 2007. He meant no harm from the statement. We were trying to develop healthy meals and healthy habits for kids then. And at around 350 pounds, I was not exactly WALKING the TALK!

Spring 2008 ME!

“How did you get SOOOO FAT?” Came from a first grader at my sister in-laws school. I spoke with her first graders for about 15 minutes with many interruptions and much interest. I was fine with the interruptions and loved the fact that they showed so much interest. As I finished my session, I asked if there were any more questions. A timid young man in the back of the group raised his hand. He had not asked a single question during my presentation and was extremely polite, which I know my sister in-law loved. I acknowledged him, he stood up, and exploded with “How did you get SOOOO FAT?!” My sister in-law was mortified. I was fine with it, a little surprised, but very fine. It was important to me to let him know I had a lifetime of bad habits and bad choices when it came to taking care of ME. And that now I am making much better choices and feeling great. I want our kids to make these choices sooner rather than later. I am very fortunate to have been able to change course and learn how to make better lifestyle choices. I am fortunate to be alive.

Note to ME and YOU: If you want honesty and energy in your life, invest a little time with a child. AND, if you want help starting your journey, invest a little time with ME.

Take Care of YOU!





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