And just who wants to hear that question?! I DO! I was interviewed by four Buist Academy fifth graders recently and invited to see their presentation on, you guessed it, HOW DID YOU BECOME OBESE?

Each year the students at Buist take on a project called Exhibition. Exhibition 2011 was titled 'The Happiness Project'. The four fifth graders that interviewed me picked the question on obesity as their project. They have a set of guidelines and expectations to follow to help them learn and grow with their work.

It was neat sitting and talking with the students several weeks ago. It was even more fun seeing them present their work. They kept asking Polly and me for more of my business cards to put on the table. They were proud of their work and very thankful I participated. What they did not know and I am passing on to them now, is I am grateful to them. I am grateful they allowed me to share my journey with them. I am grateful they are thinking about how they take their journey through life with their health and happiness in mind. I am grateful I am exposed to many wonderful youth that can teach me so much about life.

I am grateful I do not fear the question " HOW DID YOU BECOME OBESE?" Learning about ME and being honest with ME have put me in a great place to deal with this question and questions like this one. I had a first grader ask me in the fall "How did you get so FAT?!" This quiet first grader asked this with zeal and curiosity at the end of a short presentation I did with them. I think the teacher, my sister-in-law, was a little horrified when the young boy blurted out his question. I just smiled and tried very hard to hold back a big laugh. I thought it was great. Being honest with ME enabled me to deal with this question. I am an open book and it is very liberating!

I am thankful to the four Buist fifth graders for continuing to enhance my journey. I am thankful to God and all that have aided me on my journey for helping ME to take steps toward better understanding ME!

Note to ME and YOU: If you cannot ask yourself the tough questions, talk to a child long enough and you will get one! (Though I encourage you to ask yourself the tough questions!)



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