Honesty Wins! Thanks for all the support!

An honest assessment of my plateau and keeping an eye on the goal has helped my serge through the 307 mark!!! I am at 302.6 lbs. this morning and feeling great. I knew it would happen and I am glad to see it.
Thanks go out to all of you for your kind words and encouragement! I know this is MY journey and that I am focused on ME in this effort, but it id definitely nice to have the kind of support you have given to me. If this site can help anyone you know please feel free to pass it along.
It has been very liberating for me to identify my problems and deal with them. Being honest with oneself is probably the toughest ‘honesty’ of all. I work at it every day. I evaluate my physical, mental and spiritual approach constantly. You will see “Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing” as you enter this website. I try to live by that every day. I live by that by taking care of myself, helping others when I can and focusing on the positives in each day and moment.
I have a challenging period coming up the next four days. I will be traveling to a benefit golf tournament for Camp Kemo and chaperoning for a group of teens that belong to Lasting Impressions. Camp Kemo is a camp for kids with cancer and Lasting Impressions is a teen support group for teens with cancer. I have been doing each for years. I do it because I am selfish! These kids and teens teach me SO much about life!! When I am around them I feel alive; I admire and envy their resilience in the face of the evil we all call cancer. They help me more than they will ever know.
Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!!
Fat Guy

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