Happy Birthday to TheFatGuy

Last Friday, Polly (my wife) sent me a message that said, "Happy FatGuy Birthday". It sort of caught ME off guard. I knew I was coming up on an important date but had let it slip my mind for a few days battling allergies and a cold.

WOW, March 2nd was the 3rd birthday of TheFatGuy's journey. I started my journey to ME on March 2, 2009. That is the day:

  • the spreadsheet that guides ME started named and saved as FatGuyDiary
  • I started working on ME
  •  I turned MY life completely around
  • I wrote, "I do not know the final destination, but I do know I need to start the journey!"

That feeling, that day, that decision are so monumental in MY life. When I think back to that day and that time, many thoughts and feelings are unleashed. I am always thankful for The Fire Story my wife told ME and I am always thankful I started to find MY way Out of The Fire on that first Monday in March 2009.

There is one thing that always jumps out at ME now and I have a hard time describing it to people. I knew I felt bad back then and that I was really unhealthy. But I had come to accept that state and that feeling. I did not realize just how bad I felt until I started finding my way "Out of The Fire" and I started feeling better. In 2008 and early 2009, I felt horrible, but I thought that was MY norm. I had to live with it because that is the way it was!

NOW, I feel SO GOOD that I cannot believe I let myself feel that bad. I was so deep In the Fire, My Fire, that I thought I had to accept it. And, as you know, I did not have to accept it, I just needed to find my journey Out of the Fire. I now know I felt really bad. The 360 pounds were crushing the life out of ME. 7 meds and numerous health issues were no way to live MY life. I was NOT living MY life. I was struggling through each day to make it to one more miserable day. No way to live.

Now as I look back over the 3 years on MY journey to ME, I feel AMAZING! I feel better than I ever thought possible. I am stronger, fitter, and healthier than I was in my twenties. TheFatGuy is a total beast compared to what he was 3 short years ago.

If you are "In your own personal Fire NOW", start your journey out today. Start it for YOU. Don't wait. I promise you it will be worth it and you can and will feel better than you ever thought possible.

Note to ME and YOU: Love yourself! Travel your journey to YOU! You are worth it!


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