Happy Anniversary to ME!

Yep, I am two, count'em, two years into my journey to health and fitness. At 54, almost 55 years of age, I am in the best shape of my life! This is not an exaggeration at all. Maybe you could say the 'new ME' is 2 years old today. I am cautiously thrilled at where I am now.

Why cautiously thrilled? Well, the thrilled part is easy. I would have never expected to be in the best shape of my life on this day, this year, at this time. I felt as bad as I ever had in my life in the years, months, and days before I had my 'epiphany'. I felt old, worn down, terribly unhealthy, and many other 'not so positive feelings'. Now I feel, well, I feel like Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing! That is the tag line you see below Fat Guy Diary on my website. What do they mean to me now:

  • LIVING means embracing life with all of its ups and downs. It means 'actively' participating in life, MY life. I am no longer watching helplessly as my life rolls down hill right before my eyes. I am engaged and involved in learning and growing as a person every day.
  • LOVING means I love who I am and who I am becoming. I am happy and comfortable with ME. I love God, my wife, family, and dear friends and let them know it.
  • LOSING means, obviously, losing weight. But, it means much more than that to me. LOSING means shedding the negative energy and thinking that will lead me back to my old habits. LOSING that baggage occurs on a daily basis as I embrace HAW each day and work to choose a positive attitude each morning and assess what I did well and not so well the day before. LOSING the bad stuff and building on the good stuff!
  • LAUGHING means learning to laugh at ME. I love to laugh and forgot how much I had loved it as I did not laugh much at my lowest point at over 350 pounds. I laugh at all of the little things that amuse me during the day and enjoy every minute of it.

So, now you know a little bit about why I am thrilled. Why did I use the word cautiously? It is very simple to me. As happy as I am today and at this point in my life, I know it could all go away in very short order if I revert to my old unhealthy habits. I do not fool myself into thinking I have mastered this thing called life and this journey I am on. 24 months of good habits just do not outweigh 32 years of adult bad habits on the scales of life. That is as simple as I can put it. I need to be vigilant if I want this great feeling I have now, want tomorrow, and look forward to for the rest of my life.

One year of losing the weight and one year of managing my body and weight under my size 34" belt. Man that sounds SO MUCH better than squeezing my body and troubles under that 54" belt.

Note to ME and YOU:   LIVE, LOVE, LOSE, LAUGH every day!

PS I thank God, my family, and friends that support me and supported me through the bad times and through my journey. I definitely thank my wife, Polly, for putting up with the bad unhealthy part of my journey for so long. I hope and pray I can be the best person I can be to love and support her.


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