During this week I have been looking back over the last 628 days for perspective on my book and life. It has been a great experience with one thing jumping out at me over all else. That thing is HAPPINESS! Regardless of weight, circumstance, or relationship, I have been pretty happy since starting my journey on March 2, 2009. I have learned a lot about life and about me.

I realized in conversations with Polly, my wife, that I was not a particularly happy person for sometime before March 2009. This was not just because of my weight but because I based my happiness on external conditions and circumstances rather than taking responsibility for my own happiness. The best example of this is when Polly would ask me "What do you want to do, what makes you happy?" And what would I do? I would do one of the most unfair things you can do to someone! I would say to her "I am happy if you are happy." I now realize that is such a heavy weight to put on a spouse or anyone. Make someone else responsible for MY HAPPINESS! As I have said before "Stinking Thinking!"

I am responsible for my HAPPINESS! As I work to choose my attitude each day, I also am choosing to be happy. Happiness comes from within and I control it. I want to live a happy life and I will do just that. Circumstances may change in my life, but my happiness does not have to blow in the wind based on these changes. Choosing a positive attitude each day, focusing on the blessings in my life, having faith, being grateful, hopeful, and thankful all make it easy for me to choose to be happy each day. If I focus on these things I cannot help but be happy each day.

A friend of mine, Marshall Stone, posted this quote just last week>'Happiness is not an accident, nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design.'                  ~Jim Rohn


As you may have noticed recently, a great deal of my journey to health, wellness, and fitness has to do with the mental and emotional aspects of my life. I realize that without the proper mental, spiritual, and emotional foundation none of the diet or exercise knowledge will do me any good. Having a healthy outlook on life helps to get me where I want to go on my journey. I want to be HAPPY!


Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!

The 'HAPPY' Fat Guy 

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