HALLOWEEN Surprises!!

Well Halloween brought some surprises my way!

First, I was able to see myself in the November/December addition of Charleston's Oblique Magazine. John Di Giovanni, Editor, and I ran into each other several months ago at my office, Starbucks on East Bay & Calhoun; he said he had heard about my story/journey. We had a great talk and said he wanted me to be a feature in his magazine. I had no idea what a great article it would be or how much fun I would have with the photo shoot. John texted me yesterday that the issue was just hitting the street. Polly ran into Planet Smoothie last night to grab a few copies on our way to my parent's house. She came out to the car smiling from ear to ear so I knew it must be good. I thank John and Jeff Scott (photographer for Oblique) for the wonderful experience.


Second, as we had a fun time and ate too much at my parents last night celebrating Halloween with family, a neighbors daughter backed into the side of Polly's car! Well you have to take the bad with the good, right! She did not hit it hard, but unfortunately, when you put a rear bumper up against the door and front quarter panel, the bumper WINS! I will be spending part of my day dealing with insurance and body work issues. Life Happens!


Third, is more of a group of pleasant surprises that happened during the week. I was able to make a great contact when I promoted the Youth Marathon with Tara Lynn on WCBD last week. I was able to get a tremendous amount of work done on the Eat Smart Move More SC website to get our local group set up (Eat Smart Move More Charleston Tri-County) and learn a lot at the same time. I got to work on a LI Retreat (teen cancer support group) with Julian Ruffin (Richland Memorial Children's Hospital) that will be in Charleston in January. I love it when they come to Charleston!


Through all of the surprises I need to keep my eye on the ball. Whether it be a good or bad surprise, it will often distract me from my journey and 'keeping my eye on the ball'. I always try to remember that my blessings come from God, and are delivered through great family, friends, and the journey of a lifetime!


Note to ME and YOU: Always Keep Your Eye On The Ball!


A Blessed and Thankful Fat Guy! 

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