Grading February 2012!

My New Year Resolutions are ready to get a grade for February. As you know, my main goal is on December 31, 2012 to say, "2012 was a great year!" So let's get to it.

Grade and Evaluate 2012 Resolutions/Goals:

  • (A)  Lose 34.4 lbs by March 31- I was happy I went from 244.4 on January 1st to 219.4 on March 1st, losing 25 pounds. I am happy about this because I was able to lose 10 pounds during February with a fairly consistent approach through the month.
  • (A+) 150 straight reps of bleachers at Stoney Field by the end of March (I've done over 100 in the past)- This goal has blown TheFatGuy away. I did 150 reps on February 8th in 97 minutes. You can read about it's significance in my post> Climbing that mountain!  It represents a tremendous personal turnaround for ME!
  • (A-)Log diet and exercise daily- I worked a little harder at this in February and stayed with it.
  • (B+) Audition for and appear on Big Brother and Survivor- Retooling MY body and preparing for the next cycle of videos and open casting calls with all I am doing. I think though strategies on how to play these games with each intense workout I do. I actually want to be on both shows! And, I have done a wealth of research online this past month.
  • (C) Complete my book by January 31- Polly is reading the draft no. She seems happy with what she has read so far and should finish by the beginning of next week. My target is to take her notes and edits and have it done by March 31st. I still think I have some work to do, some holes to fill. Polly did tell me that it was hard for her to read and 'it hurt her heart' to read how bad I felt.
  • (C+) Develop a plan to market my book and story by January 31- I have the plan in excel, but it is not as formal as I would like. Info there, but needs more structure.
  • (B) Schedule all of my time in my Android and stick to it- I have done a pretty good job of this with book time, planning time, volunteer/committee time, and workout time. I need to continue to focus on this item.
  • (A+) Blog 2 times a week on Tuesday and Thursday about what has worked and not worked for TheFatGuy- Good job at this and done each targeted day!
  • (A+) No sugar in 2012! (this may be a lifetime decision!)- NO SUGAR IN FEBRUARY! I promise you this has made a huge difference!
  • (A) Do something nice and thoughtful for one person each day- I have this planted in my mind. I work each day at this. Nothing big> a kind word, a smile to the unsmiling, a laugh when I may not want to laugh, an attentive ear, and so on. I do a lot of volunteer work with nonprofits that is not counted here. I am looking for the smaller gestures that can mean so much to ME and another person each day.

My wife and I had her mom at our house for half of February which put Polly behind on the book read and tested some of my goals. We both love her mom a lot so it was a good test of being loving and taking care of us/ME. Polly's mom has worked hard to take care of others ALL of her life. She is 90 and has a few health issues, so it is time we take care of her! She deserves it.

Yes, MY plan to be SMART (SMART> Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) and use SMART for my 2012 Resolutions/Goals is working. So the overall grade for  "2012 was a great year!"  would be just shy of an A-. Up from just shy of a B+ in January. I definitely need to give more structured time to the book and marketing in March.

Note to ME and YOU: Be your toughest critic.


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