I need to make a choice now. Do I choose to be frustrated or is it time to make an honest assessment of my journey over the past few weeks on this PLATEAU.
WELL…. part of me wants to be FRUSTRATED, but after taking a moment to think about my plateau, I choose to make an HONEST assessment of the most recent part of my Fat Guy Journey. Let’s look at the bad and the good of it:

BAD (needs attention)-

  • Olive Oil- I have used olive oil for my omelets recently. From a nutrient standpoint, it is probably good for me, but the caloric number is high> one tablespoon has 120 calories. I am pretty confident I have been dropping more than one tablespoon in the pan. CHOICE- it is back to PAM for now.
  • Cheese- I am eating cheese a little too often in my Atkins approach. CHOICE- I will limit my cheese intake and use less in meals.
  • Caffeine- I have tinkered with my caffeine intake the past week or so. CHOICE- I will return to decaf coffee in whole!
  • Cinnamon Pecans- Cinnamon Pecans at some Rays Games! What was I thinking or was I thinking? I do not have a sugar count on these things, but I KNOW it has to have a high calorie and sugar carb count. CHOICE- do not do this to ME…… No more CINNAMON PECANS!
  • COSTCO Chicken Salad- It is great and the calorie count is not bad, BUT the carb count is a lot higher than I thought. It is somewhere between 12 and 15 carbs per 2/3 cup. I need to stop the ASSUMING (you know the old adage) of carb count and checking. The calorie and carb info were not on the package, so I finally gone online and researched it. CHOICE> chicken salad will be an item that will be rarely eaten at this point.

GOOD (keep it up!)-

  • Water intake- My water intake is still good. I just need to remain faithful about starting my intake first thing every morning.
  • Exercise- I am happy with my exercise and activity level. I continue to challenge myself and have started doing my set workout routines on my own. I have continuously improved my aerobic workout level over my journey.
  • Attitude- My attitude through this slow weight loss period has remained good and positive. I feel stronger in all aspects of my life even though the scale is not moving as fast as I would like. I AM LOVING LIFE with all of its ups and downs.
  • Tracking- I have been good with tracking my journey, success and failure!

Alright now! I have my check up done and my renewed focus. Let’s do it!!!!

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