Over the course of TheFatGuy's Journey he has seen some dramatic change in his life. He has worked hard to change over 32 years of adult bad habits and he has worked hard to develop life strategies that will help him with, not only, weight loss and weight management, but life management. He continues to get stronger with each step of his journey. He continues to work to improve himself and his life each day. He has gone from FATGUY to FITGUY to BEAST! He has said this jokingly at times throughout his journey to family and friends. In looking back, he now realizes it is coming true.

He started his Journey as a 360 pound FATGUY with a multitude of life and health issues.  As he worked to develop weight loss and life strategies, he lost weight, lost his health issues, and lost the need for 7 different medications. He worked to become FIT in his approach to exercise and daily diet. He worked to develop better habits for life, for living. He worked to become THEFITGUY and he did.

Now THE BEAST! Well, TheFatGuy feels he has taken things beyond just FIT. He has taken things to a point that he could not fathom in 2009. He has changed his body, mind, heart, and soul to a point that he never thought possible pre- 2009. He had accepted being FAT and dealing with ALL of the issues that came with that horrible weight. He was not happy or comfortable with what he had accepted, but he knew nothing else. He did not know HE HAD THE POWER to escape this sentence. Thank God for all of the positives He kept in TheFatGuy's life. Thank God for supportive and loving family and friends. Thank God for his wife (Polly) who told him the story that lead him Out of the Fire! He was trapped in his own personal fire and Polly told him the story that let him know HE could find the path Out of his Fire.

So after losing 150 pounds through 2010 and dealing with an up and down 2011, TheFatGuy went into Beast Mode January 1, 2012. TheFatGuy became better than he had ever thought at fine tuning his body and life. He did not think it was humanly possible for him to change as much as he has, hence he has become a BEAST! He feels so good he feels like a BEAST compared to 2009. He attacks everything with zeal, energy, and passion.

TheFatGuy has lost 32 plus pounds and retooled some life goals since January 1 of this year and is definitely becoming the BEAST he wants to be. TheFatGuy knows that anyone can make dramatic changes in their life if they start work to find their way Out of the Fire!

Note to ME and YOU: Find what makes you the BEAST you want to be and make it happen, NO EXCUSES! Find your way Out of the Fire.

TheFatGuy, TheFitGuy, The BEAST!

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