Good Thursday to ALL! I took a week and a half off from blogging to be with Polly, during her spring break, complete our taxes, travel to Pickens to do some 'chores' at my mother-in-laws house, and end up with 3 close friends in Asheville early this week. It was a good change in routine for TheFatGuy and a productive 10 days with family and friends.

Ending my 10 days with 3 very special friends was fantastic. Andy, Lori, and Woody are all people I have known through Camp Kemo over many more years than any of us want to admit. Camp Kemo has created many friendships for TheFatGuy and for that he is blessed. As a very dear friend of mine wrote: At the heart of CAMP KEMO, you find the one thing that binds us all together for a lifetime— Relationships. Craig King wrote this as a cancer survivor and Camp Kemo Volunteer/Donor. Good relationships are hard to attain and even harder to keep. The common thread of Camp Kemo helps many of us to maintain wonderful relationships in South Carolina and far beyond. TheFatGuy wears two 'fishers of men' bracelets to remind him of the 'friendship' bracelets we ALL (campers, Counselors, staff, volunteers) make and exchange at the beginning each week of Camp Kemo.

Anyway, Andy and Lori opened up their home in Asheville to Woody and TheFatGuy and we had a short, but great time together. When you are with friends like them it is not hard to share your life's journey. We shared the ups and downs of all of our journeys which is rarified air indeed. Today, in our world of twitter this, repost that, and how are things going? without waiting for a response; it is nice to know TheFatGuy has friends that take the time to truly share with him and allow him to share with them. It is true friendship to know that someone is listening and will respond when needed. These friends encourage when needed and give constructive thoughtful input on the things most important going on in our lives. Keeping and cultivating these relationships can often mean the difference between a life fulfilled and an empty vessel. The investment made in a true friendship is something that will pay off much more than the investment made. TheFatGuy knows this from years of investing in the wrong relationships and true friendships.

True friendships are something to be treasured and embraced! TheFatGuy is blessed to have found Camp Kemo so many years ago. The relationships he has developed over those 26 years has helped him through many lows and highs. Sharing time with Lori, Andy, and Woody this week makes TheFatGuy well aware of how he survived all of his fat up and down years and why he is able to travel his journey now. My wife and family have been instrumental in any success I have attained in life, but without that tool named 'true friendship' in my journey toolkit TheFatGuy does not travel the journey he is on now. There are many parts to a successful journey and true friendship can be a deal maker or breaker.

Note to ME and YOU: Cultivate and maintain true friendships in life! They well could make or break your journey!



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