Fat Shift

Middle of Week 2 on Maintenance

It is the morning of March 10, 2010 and I am feeling as strong as ever! I weigh 204.8 this morning. I got a great physical report from my doctor. My triglycerides were very low, most other numbers were great. My cholesterol was a little high, but the ratios were good.

I am hovering between 202-205 this week. Several things I am trying are causing this hover and range. I am trying to incorporate some sweets into my daily diet and I still have some control issues there. I am working to see where I can go and not go with my ‘sweet tooth’!! Also, I am concentrating on more weight/resistance training than cardio right now. This is making a huge difference in my muscle tone and physique. I can see the fat shifting to muscle which is very amazing to me.

Even with the minor weight bounce my waist continues to trim down. I was wearing one pair of 32″ jeans recently and one pair of 32″ shorts. I am wearing pants, jeans and shorts between 32″-34″ depending on the cut. It seems I have settled in with a 44″ jacket size. I STILL have my Suit from March 1, 2009 that I wore to church that day> 58″ jacket and 54″ pants!! 14″ down in jacket size and 20″-22″ down in waist size. Not a bad transformation!

Thanks to family, friends, and all of you for your continued support and interest in my journey!

Find and Enjoy Your Journey!
The Fat Guy!

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