I have my eyes wide open and see very clearly now. I have had blur in my vision removed on a number of occasions in my life with 3 significant instances of this occurrence. Typically my vision seems to be OK until I have a layer of 'fog' removed from my site. Then I realize my eyes were open but my sight was hindered by a film of 'darkness'.

The first time this happened was the end of March 1984. This is when I stopped drinking. Prior to this event I was considered a strong performer  at the Ports Authority and in life in general. When I made the commitment to stop drinking in 1984 it was as if I had an operation to improve my sight! I could see things SO MUCH better. My ability to perform and anticipate improved by at least 50%. With my eyes wide open and clear of alcohol, I was able to immediately improve my game! My life took a substantial positive bounce with the blur (weight) of alcohol removed from my sight.

The second instance involved stopping smoking cigarettes in August 1986. I felt relief and strengthened my life when I stopped smoking. I was able to shed a second layer of 'fog'  from my vision.

The third instance happened on March 2, 2009. That is when I started my present journey which brought me to understand my poor behavior toward ME. I realized I was burdened with being a workaholic and having addictive eating habits that had me in the worst health of my life. My vision was extremely blurred till this date. After starting my journey on the first Monday in March of 2009, my vision sharpened considerably.

Addiction, stinkin' thinkin', and poor life habits put layers of darkness over my vision for life. With each epiphany I was able to remove a layer of darkness from my vision and see life a little clearer. My latest epiphany has honed my vision, thinking, and love for life to an edge I never thought possible. I Live, Love, Lose, and Laugh with zeal I have not had before. I love what/who I am and have a greater love for those around me.

As I have come to grips with MY issues, I have gained an unbelievably clearer view of ME and life. Understanding the chains that have bound ME during my life and breaking free of the chains, has given me a wonderful appreciation for life at 55. I love the fact that God has given ME the ability to recreate myself on a number of occasions. I love the fact that at 55 I am still creating what is ME. I love life and pray that I always grow into the person I need to be. I ask that always I have Eyes Wide Open with a clear vision to see what I need to do and be. I see great things, like Camp Kemo, and great people, like the counselors, staff and kids at Camp Kemo, everywhere in my life.

Note to ME and YOU: Always keep your Eyes Wide Open and your Vision Clear!

TheFatGuy (I feel like the New Sheriff in town with my Vision Clear!)

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