Well, this is a tough one to address for me! Let's go back to the beginning to think through this question.

When I started my journey of health and fitness on March 2, 2009, I decided to concentrate on my diet/eating habits. I was at the first step of working on me and trying to get a grip on what I would do and how I would do it at over 350 pounds. In my philosophy of Keeping It Simple Stupid (KISS or Keep It Short & Simple), I decided to concentrate on one thing at a time. By starting with my diet, I was dealing with my demons and my out of control eating habits. I started to log my food intake daily, gained knowledge, and worked on a eating plan that worked for me. That plan involved:

  • Moving toward higher smarter protein intake
  • eliminating sugar from my diet
  • eating fewer smarter carbs
  • watching my calorie intake and understanding my BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
  • eating 5 times a day, starting with protein for breakfast
  • logging everything

I worked on understanding my diet and developing solid eating habits for about 6 weeks before I started looking at the structure of an exercise routine.

My exercise for the first 6 weeks of my journey was more about Moving More than any set routines. I tried to use the equipment I had around the house to do simple weight routines and started walking the dogs. As I started, I had no inclination to put my 350 pound body on my bike or do some strenuous routine. I simply concentrated on my diet and moved the best way I k

In mid-April 2009, I ventured into a local gym, got a base membership, and worked on 4 basic routines to start my exercise habits down a solid path. In doing this, I was able to build on the momentum of learning about exercise and gaining strength and stamina. I went on to get 2 Personal Trainer Certifications and developed routines to keep ME on track for life.

What have I learned?

There is much debate about the importance of diet and exercise. I was an 'out of control' eater and had to deal with that aspect of my life. So, diet was the most important block in the foundation for my journey as I started. That being said, exercise runs a very very close second to diet.

Exercise has been critical to any success I have attained. Exercise has helped me become fit, reduce my body fat percentage, and burn more calories each day. It also seems to put me in the right mindset to eat well each day. I have found that when I do strenuous exercise, I tend to think better and clearer about how I eat, what I eat, and how I take care of ME.

So, TheFatGuy, knows that he needs both to continue a successful journey. I am fitter at almost 55 years of age than I was in my 20s! This may sound extreme, but it is true. It is due to diet and exercise.  

Note to ME and YOU: Diet and exercise! Be fit and love it! Love You!


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