Eating Like a Horse(a Clydesdale)!

Polly and I are in Pickens with her mom and dad. We have been here several days. Polly’s mom is doing better and is in hurry do all of the things she did before her fall and 2 surgeries!! As I have stated before, she is a strong woman, but she may have very lofty expectations at this point of recovery. We are here for her and she is getting PT right now. Polly has been a real trooper through all of the surgeries and recovery.

I am at my Pickens WiFi connection (McDonalds) having a cup of coffee and catching up. I have eaten like a horse while I have been up here, kind of like a Clydesdale with a sweet tooth! I have done body weight work outs(back/biceps, chest/triceps, and some core) the last few days and have been fairly active with the lawn and chores, but I don’t know if it will offset the caloric intake. I have not tracked my food intake since I have been up here!!

I continue to review the 1st draft of the book. It is harder work than I had imagined! Many thoughts and strategies that need that common thread to tie them all together. I do know that reviewing the book, listening to a message that has gone through my head a million times(being thankful for what I have and bearing whatever crosses come my way with a smile), and appreciating all of the loved ones in my life continues to help me to be a better person. I work toward a better me one step at a time and one day at a time.

Note to You: Be Thankful for all you have and all of the great people in your life!!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!!
The Fat Guy!!

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