Discipline! A dirty word?

Discipline is a word I need in my life and on my journey. Sometimes I think of it as a 'dirty' word, a word I should not have to use on my journey. My last post was about FUN, what the heck is Discipline doing following FUN? Is discipline really that important? Why do I need it?

Let me look up the definition in Merriam-Webster. Discipline:training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character; orderly or prescribed conduct or pattern of behavior; a rule or system of rules governing conduct or activity. OK now let's think about this and how it applies to TheFatGuy.

I have prided myself on having discipline in some areas of my life to create success in those areas. I have had prescribed pattern of behavior and rules governing conduct or activity in business and in my volunteer work. I have seen much success in these areas by establishing simple rules of behavior for me and the people around me. I have helped bring success to the Ports Authority and the nonprofit arena by having a system of rules for activities I have managed or lead.

I have answered one question for me. Discipline is important to me and how I create success in my life, in my business and volunteer life that is. In February 2009 TheFatGuy showed no discipline as it pertained to health, fitness, weight, or work. I was 360 pounds of an out of control eating machine that had devoted ALL of his energy to the single goal of saving a nonprofit serving kids. My hyper focus on work and my total lack of focus on ME and my personal life/commitments showed little if any discipline. SO Discipline I important.

Why do I need it? I need it to maintain and grow a healthy happy lifestyle. I have laid the framework of horrible lifestyle habits for most of my adult life and have just worked on ME the last, let's say, 863 days! 863 days sounds like a lot until you but it up against 12045 days of adult bad habits! Yep 2 1/3 years up against 33 years. I would say that is why I need Discipline in my journey and in my life. I have worked on rules and activities to help ME be successful. Things like HAW, KISS, and my log have helped me maintain discipline in my life.

Let's go back to FUN and why Discipline followed FUN? Guess what is at the top of my discipline list and the top of most of my notes now? You've got it, FUN! FUN is at the top of my list, because I now know I can do important things in my life and with my life while having FUN. I have been serious all of my life and remain serious about many things, especially taking care of ME. I have added being serious about having FUN to my list!

SO, Discipline is not a 'dirty' word. It is a means to an end. It is a way to make life FUN!

Note to ME and YOU: Discipline is a good things! Especially, if it leads to FUN!


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