DAY 96- 63.6 pounds down and 2 shout-outs!

I am down 63.6 pounds on day 96! That is an average of 2/3 of a pound per day. I did not set out to be at this pace, but I will run with it. I am now prepared mentally and physically to deal with a slow-down in weight loss which I know will eventually come.

Shout-outs> Way to go Amanda! Keep up your dedication to being in the gym and working hard to reach your goals! Also, Congratulations to Debra at my doctor’s office! Down 10 and you can tell it. The hip-hop workout is definitely working! You looked really happy when I saw you!

I remain focused and continue to learn and grow in my fitness focus. One thing I have definitely learned is there is a lot of HYPE out there about what works and does not work when it comes to fitness and weight loss. A good rule of thumb is to start off believing nothing and work from there. If you see it on TV, hear it on the radio or happen to hit it online, you have to remind yourself that IT’S AN ADVERTISEMENT! There are no magic weight loss pills, fitness machines or fitness routines. When I look in the mirror I know that it all comes back to ME! I always think LIFESTYLE Change and no that the magic potion or pill lies within me!

Be happy in all that you do!


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