Day 323- 131.2 Pounds Down; Time for a Challenge!

I have been hanging around 130 pounds down for a little while with the holidays and other events occurring over the past month. It is time to challenge myself one more time! On day 323 I weigh 219.8 pounds, down 131.2 pounds over the course of my journey. That leaves me 18.8 pounds away from my ultimate weight loss goal of losing 150 pounds.

OK, here is what I am thinking. I think I can hit the 150 pound loss mark by day 365! That is 150 pounds down in 1 year! 18.8 pounds in 42 days ought to be doable. I have worked hard to this point and I don’t want to limp to the finish line over an extended period of time. I will work toward weighing 201 pounds on Day 365 which is Monday, March 1, 2010! This is the first time I have set down a specific time line for my weight loss.

Keep in mind with this weight loss goal I am not ending my journey! My fitness journey will continue the rest of my life! The goal within the journey is important, but staying true to my journey is the main goal>Fit for Life! I owe it to myself!

My wish for you in this New Year: Challenge Yourself! Do something significant for you!

It is all about the Journey,
The Fat Guy

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