Day 316- Maintaining 130 Pounds Down!

I have done a decent job maintaining 130 pounds down during the holidays and now it is time to work on my last 20 pounds to 150 pounds down. I continue to learn about me, what works and what does not work! Just a few things I learned or were reinforced with me during the holidays:
• Sugar is my biggest challenge! I ate far too many sweets during the holidays!
• I need to continue to work on portion control!
• I need to get my water intake in each day, early and often!
• I need to continue to log each day.
• I know my fitness journey will bend at times, but not break!
• I enjoy being fit and knowing I can control my fitness journey!

I did several TV and radio tapings for the and my website/journey. Tara Lynn at WCBD TV was kind to have me on her show January 5th to talk about my journey. I had a great time and enjoyed talking about how it is working for me. You can see the clip at

Advice to you: Make a New Year’s Resolution that enhances your life journey. Do it for yourself! Change your life for the better one day at a time and one choice at a time.

Loving the journey,
FAT GUY(Big Mike)

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