DAY 285- 130 POUNDS DOWN!!

I am 9 months and 9 days into my journey and down 130 pounds today! Who’d a thunk it! I feel like a little kid with a new toy! I am wearing 34” waist jeans for the first time in my adult life! That is down from 54” suit pants on March 1st of this year. 34” waist was not a goal, but it is a very very pleasant surprise!

Anyway, I continue to work on me. I am looking at various career opportunities. They range from fitness (personal trainer), management, nonprofit to writing a book about my journey! After being a well directed workaholic for 32 years, it is interesting to have such a variety of choices and directions to go.

I have successfully integrated my fitness journey into my volunteer/community life. I have done some work with the Lean Team to help curb the obesity epidemic in our children. I am also volunteering as the Coordinator of a Kids Half Marathon that is part of the Riverfront Festival Race in January. Both programs involve working with kids/teens and fitness/health. It doesn’t pay, but it is very rewarding. I LOVE helping kids be successful in life and I love that I am able to use my journey to help them in some small way.

As I continue on my journey, I remind myself that it is a JOURNEY! The weight loss and fitness is not a destination. Although I do have goals within my journey, none are my destination. Personal Fitness and Health will be the corner stone of my journey for life.

Advice for today: Find your journey and build your goals into it!

Loving Life,
Fat Guy (Big Mike)

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