I see inspiration every day! I eat too many pistachios again and then……………… I run into a younger friend of mine that has lost 73 pounds recently! He looks great! Every time I wobble a little, I seem to find a reason to get back on or stay on track. W. H. is definitely an inspiration to me! I did not ask to use his name hence the initials. He has started his journey in his twenties while I waited till I was almost 53! So what does that say? It says it is never too soon or too late to start your journey to a healthier happier you!

Well I am down 114 pounds to 237. I have 36 pounds to go on my original goal. Losing 150 pounds has always been my main goal within becoming fitter and healthier for life. I also wanted to do unassisted pull ups (I am close) and bench press 300 pounds (top to date 255 by myself). I have stayed focused on the weight goal and keep the other 2 goals as secondary for the time. It is important for me to reach the weight goal to continue to build my platform/foundation for my life journey to a happier healthier me. My strength goals are important, but not as important as my overall fitness. I have had some minor right shoulder and right elbow issues recently. I do not want to create a serious injury or setback that will impede my journey to fitness. I am being treated by a local chiropractor now and should be close to as good as ever soon.

This is good news to me as this has not been my normal M.O. I would normally get to the goals of the pull ups and bench press come hell or high water; forsaking the fitness journey! I have always been good at putting together the pieces for the sake of the overall goal when it comes to business or my volunteer work. I have never quite mastered that ability when it comes to my personal life and goals. SO, being able to shift the pieces to stay on track toward my main objective is HUGE for me personally. I am continuing to learn and grow which I hope I do for the rest of my life.

My advice for today: Continue to learn and grow whether you are a child, in your twenties, 53 or 93! As far as I am concerned, that is one of the secrets to the fountain of youth!

Loving Life and My Journey!

Fat Guy (Big Mike)

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