DAY 211- Hovering around 107 down for too long!

I have been around 244 or 107 pounds down for 12-13 days. I plan to be more vigilante today forward to break through the 110 pound loss mark and get into the 230s for the first time in FOREVER!

The chocolate covered raisins and pistachios are behind me; no not on my behind, but behind me on this journey. I have learned a valuable lesson without too much damage or set back. I now know I cannot have an abundance of a sugar based food around to tempt me. I also know that certain foods, other than sugar, will be tough on me (i.e. pistachios). I can probably split an occasional dessert with my wife, but I can’t keep a canister of chocolate covered raisins within reach!

As I have said, I am on a journey and I learn things every step of the way and every day. I work to deal with this journey one day at a time. That is what I know works for me!

I spoke to a group of teenagers from a Health Science Class at Burke HS last week. I loved sharing my story and journey with them. They were very engaging. One young woman had a grandmother that was overweight and had multiple health issues connected to the weight. She loved her grandmother very much and could not figure out how to get her to lose weight and take care of herself. The teenage asked me what she should do. It was a tough question to say the least. I told her that she needed to realize that no one could make the decision to change her grandmother for her. Her grandmother had to make the decision to change her lifestyle for herself. I knew this was not the answer the young woman was looking for from me, but I continued with what I thought she could do. I told her to let her grandmother know how important she was in her life and that she wanted her around for a long time, in good health, to share and be part of her life. Encourage her and support her in her efforts. Maybe that would help be the trigger to get her on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Share her journey. I hope this helps her in some small way.

I know that I did not want any fun facts or advice about losing weight or changing my life from anyone. I mean anyone. I did not want to hear it from my wife, parents, friends or relatives. I had to make the commitment to myself first. I think we all have different triggers that help us make these decisions. My trigger involved a life of struggling with being overweight/obese, a number of health issues, meds galore, and hating the way I felt & looked (this is the short version). As you can see, it took the WEIGHT of many issues to bring me to start my journey to fitness!

If you are concerned about a loved one’s weight issues, I have no magic answers for you. Let them know you love them and want them around for a long time to share their life with you. Support them in their efforts to change their lifestyle and recognize their accomplishments when they improve their habits and lose weight. Take a walk with them, share a healthy meal, or even develop an exercise routine you can share.

Well, enough for today! Enjoy life with the people you love by Living, Loving, Losing, and Laughing!

Find Your Journey!
Fat Guy (Big Mike)

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