It is day 200 of my journey and I feel great. At 244 pounds I feel as fit as I have ever felt. I am getting fitter every day. I have 43 pounds to go to my ultimate goal of 150 pounds of weight loss.

Some of the great things that have happened to me during my first 200 days are:
• I am off of blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, tension meds, sleep meds, and the CPAP machine! No asthma problems and only 1 migraine since March 2, 2009.
• I have gone from a 58” executive cut (belly cut!) jacket size to a 48” regular jacket. I have gone from a 54” waist pants to a 38” waist pants.
• I can walk the Cooper River Bridge with the Lean Team for 5 miles and then bike 20 miles with my brothers in the same morning. This absolutely amazes me! I would have never attempted one of these feats on March 1st of this year.
• I am HAPPY! I like myself, life, and all that I experience each day.
• I feel stronger mentally, as well as, physically. I am fitter in ALL aspects of my life!
• I was introduced to the Lean Team by my brother, Walter. I definitely support their mission of prevention and treatment of childhood obesity. I also enjoy our bridge walks at 8 AM every Saturday!

These are just some of the great things that have happened on my journey! Begin your journey today!

The Journey Continues,
FAT GUY (Mike Campbell)

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