DAY 175- Down 98! 180 minutes of cardio yesterday!

I am down 98 pounds and quickly approaching the 100 pounds lost mark!

Yesterday I did more cardio than I have done in years. I walked the Cooper River Bridge with my brother, Walter, and the Lean Team ( yesterday morning. We walked over 5 miles of up and down in about 90 minutes with some stops (chat and pics) in between. About an hour after that I biked for 90 minutes with two of my brothers, Walter and Ralph. We did what Ralph calls the island route. We went from Long Point Road near I-526 in Mt Pleasant across to Ben Sawyer Blvd to Sullivan’s Island then to Isle of Palms across the Isle of Palms connector back to Mt Pleasant and back to Long Point Road, a good trek after the bridge walk. I made sure to eat a ham wrap and protein shake in between workouts (420 calories). I also drank plenty of water! I really felt good about being able to accomplish this in one day. Less than 6 months ago I would not have been able to accomplish one or the other without breaks and a respirator!

Being fit is very important to me for now and the rest of my life. Diet, strength training, and cardio are all important parts of my journey. I am not so much focused on being on a “diet”, as this being on a journey to fitness with diet being an integral part of my journey. I want to continue to develop proper diet or eating habits for LIFE!

I feel great after all of my fun and hard workout yesterday. I enjoyed the company and challenge on both treks.

Enjoy your journey!

Loving Life,
Fat Guy!

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