Day 171- Down 96.2! Working on Personal Training!

Well I am starting to lose weight again! I am 4 pounds away from 100 pounds of weight loss in less than 6 months!

I am working on a Personal Certification through ISFTA (International Sports & fitness Association). I am doing this through a local doctor, Dr. Llop. I have an online certification through Expert Rating and I am working on some nutrition education, also. I wanted to get some more detailed and hands on education for Personal Training and Dr. Llop is providing that at a very reasonable rate. As well as the hands on work, I have a manual that must be 2 inches thick of information. I have not studied like this in years! It is refreshing and helps me personally, as well as, hopefully professionally.

I am definitely refocused on my weight goal and very happy to be reaching that 100 pound mark! Polly likes to show me off. It is neat, but I am still working to become comfortable with that. It is nice to be noticed for weight loss and not weight!

I continue to work on my personal, professional, and community goals. I am focused on alligning them with my lifelong fitness plan!

Be true to yourself!

Loving Life,
Fat Guy (Mike Campbell)

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