I walked the Cooper River Bridge with the Lean Team this morning! 5 miles of up and down and I felt great! You can check out the Lean Team at We met a woman just starting her weight loss journey on the bridge this morning. She walked the entire bridge on her first time there! I wish her well on her journey!

I am moving forward with my journey toward blending my personal, professional and community goals! I have done a wealth of research on personal training and nutrition the past few months that has helped me tremendously. I am now on track to gain my personal trainer certification in several weeks. I will be working with a local doctor that has a background in personal training to attain that goal.

I am now wearing some 40” shorts! Down from 52 plus inches! I am stronger than I have ever been physically and feel so much sharper mentally because of it. I continue to be thankful for finding my way to fitness at the young age of 53. I WILL continue this journey!

You are never too old, too young or to unfit to start your journey. START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY FOR YOU!


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