DAY 148- Down 90 Pounds

I continue on my journey toward a healthier me. I am down 90 pounds and feeling very good. Polly is out of town and I am trying to dedicate more time toward exercise this past weekend and coming week.

100 pounds is within sight now! I would not have pegged this milestone coming this soon. I continue to stick to my philosophy of Honesty, Attitude and Water to start each day.

I am now looking seriously at my next career. I definitely want to blend my personal, volunteer/community and professional goals. By doing this I know that I can live a quality life and make a difference in the world that is important to me.

Note to you: Take care of you! If you are in a fire, you have to know how to get out before you can help anyone else! My wife taught me this point!

Loving Life Always!
Fat Guy (aka Big Mike, Mr. C, Big Guy)

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