Independence Day has a great ring to it. As a citizen what Independence Day means to me is that we all have the personal freedom to be whatever we want to in this great country. But, I do believe ‘freedom is not free’. 56 people signed the Declaration of Independence and many of them paid a dear price for doing so. They felt strongly about the freedom of this nation and the individuals that live here. We all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is not a guarantee but a right. I like that idea; the idea that we can all work toward great success with some of us doing better than others. Some of us will be wildly successful while some of us will fail for whatever reasons. Some of us will have average lives, some tough lives, and some very successful lives. The key is we all have that opportunity. We must work to protect that right.

On my personal journey I would say March 2, 2009 is my Independence Day. On that date I made a decision to free myself from the habits and mindset that have kept me on a lifelong path of being a Fat Guy. I have the right to be fat, thin, fit, flabby or anywhere in between. There is no guarantee that I will be fit. I will have to work at it today, tomorrow and every day of my life. I have the freedom to be whatever I want with the ability to choose each day how I will deal with my journey. I cannot ask for anything else.

My wish to you is to have a Happy and Safe Independence Day! I also wish you luck in finding your own personal Independence Day, if you have not had it already!

Loving Life and the Choices I make,

Fat Guy

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