Day 123- 80 POUNDS DOWN in 4 MONTHS!

I worked out hard yesterday to make it to the 80 pound mark, 80 pounds in 4 months! That’s 20 pounds a month or 2/3 pound per day. It is a pace I did not expect when I started this journey.

My success has come for a number of reasons. The 3 main reasons are honesty, attitude and water. I know you thought I would say something about my diet or a secret workout routine. For me, it does not start there. It starts with being honest with me about the success and failure I see each day. I take a serious look at myself daily and why I am doing well or not. I maintain a positive attitude about my journey knowing that I will deal with some ups and DOWNS! To me, a positive attitude is about choice. Each day I awake I have a choice about how I will approach each day. I choose each day to be positive about my journey. I continue to focus on water intake every day. I wake up drinking at least 20 ounces of water and typically take in 150-180 ounces of water a day.

There are a lot of other tools I use to help me be successful but the above are the top three. Other tools include Atkins Eating plan, my Total Gym, Bow Flex Dumbbells, JumpStretch Bands, and Golds Gym. I already owned the equipment I use at home and signed up at Gold’s in mid-April. The Atkins approach to eating is one that definitely works for me. I will be looking to add berries to my diet as I have some with nuts recently. Sugar is still a big no-no for me. I shop at COSTCO and Harris Teeter for the food I need to stay on track. I can always find deals between those two places. Positive relationships with family and friends have helped me, also. I owe a great deal to the support my wife gives to me through ‘thick and thin’.

80 POUNDS DOWN! If I can do this, you can do anything! Good Luck with your life journey!

Loving Life,

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