Day 113- 69 pounds down! Back from Camp Kemo!

I am in recovery mode! I am fine physically and have been able to lose weight over the past 10 days. The main thing I am doing is trying to catch up on SLEEP!

Camp was great this year! Camp is filled with great activities, fun, and plenty of great food. We work to make Camp Kemo a special place for the kids so they can have a normal camp experience even with their cancer. It is also a good opportunity for the parents to have a little break knowing their children are in good hands and having fun.

What makes Camp Kemo Special? I have had the opportunity to volunteer at another camp for kids with cancer and I have also attended several national COCA (Cancer & Oncology Camps of America) conferences. I think they all do great work with the kids, but Camp Kemo seems to have that special something that I have not seen anyplace else. That special something is the relationships that make up the fabric of Camp Kemo. I am not just talking about the relationships between camper and counselor but across the entire spectrum of camp. The commitment of years and heart to this camp is truly unbelievable. The average counselor has been with Camp for 8 years. Larry, volunteer photographer, has been at camp every year for 19 years and always gets the special shots! The activity leaders come back year after year with Debbie leading Arts & Crafts for 24 years! Jeanne, our Camp Director, has been in that role for 10 years and volunteered with camp long before she took on the top job (see the picture of her and me strategizing!). Woody, the Music Man, bringing song, magic and laughter to all for 20 years. Dr. Julian and Dr. Ron have been with Camp for 23 years with the other doctors and nurses following suit. And the co-founder, Linda, has been with camp through it all for 30 years! I have been at camp for 23 years because the relationships I have at Camp are so special that words can hardly describe them. Where else can you see a doctor (Dr. Ron) sweeping up after an event with the biggest smile you will ever see. Or Julian scurrying about making sure he has pictures of everyone having fun so he can post them on the website (

If I had just one wish it would be to transplant the relationships that are the fabric of Camp Kemo across the world! What a world that would be!

I had a great time at camp and lost weight! Can’t beat that!

Loving Life,

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