DAY 105- Down 65.8 Pounds @ Camp Kemo!

This will be a great and tough week for me.

It is great in the fact that the week of Camp Kemo is a week of inspiration and rejuvenation for me. The kids are so resilient in dealing with their cancer! I learn so much from them and how they deal with life and the disease that has invaded their body. The volunteers and staff are a close knit group. We all work together to make a difference with the families and patients we see this week. We had several parents come out to speak with us tonight about how we have impacted their children and their family. I could hardly keep my eyes dry listening to them. I got a chance to talk with them and let them know the impact they have on MY life and the life of the other volunteers here. It has been a great day! The kids arrive tomorrow! YEH!

The tough part is the eating. There is food everywhere and all the time. I am trying to keep on an even keel. I am not too worried about eating sweets, as I have made a firm commitment to myself to not eat sugar! I am concerned about how much I will eat and the timing of my eating. Today I ate well (a good bit), particularly at supper. I had to estimate the some of my caloric intake. I hope that I am close and will work to stay on track. We will see when I weigh in the morning.

Loving Camp Kemo and Life,

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