Day 102- Down 64.4 and wearing a Speedo!

Yep, the photo shows I am wearing a Speedo. We took a close up of the brand name so Missee Fox would know she did not have to keep looking for a suit for me. The pics of me @ 286.6 on the front page are in that Speedo. Thanks to Missee for being a dear friend and continuing to encourage me!

My original goals included being down by 50 pounds when I went to Camp Kemo on Saturday (6/13). Well, I am almost 65 pounds down and I can hardly believe it. Polly and I talked about it over lunch today. My hard work has paid off with a 65 pound weight loss in less than 3 ½ months. Everything about my life has changed for the better. Our relationship is stronger, I/we are happier; we are enjoying life and all of the special people in our lives.

Just a reminder to all of you, I am NOT on a diet! This is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE in progress. I promise you from years of failed diets and gimmicks that diets do not work. I have relied heavily on my Catholic Faith, a positive attitude, and total honesty to get where I am now. Faith and prayer are very important in my life and help to guide me in my life and decisions. A positive attitude is essential to me. I always have to look at the glass half full and search for the best in every situation. I cannot say enough about honesty and the need for constant self-evaluation. I strive to be honest with myself about my journey every day. I look at what I have done, what I have not done and everything in between. I typically know exactly why I am doing well or not so well. It is not often a surprise when I am not losing weight the way I can or should.

Love and appreciate the people in your life that contribute to your happiness and success!

Loving Life Always,
Fat Guy

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