Committed to The BEAST!

On April 5th, TheFatGuy did a post titled From FATGUY to FITGUY to BEAST! He talked about his journey to becoming TheBEAST! Now he is definitely Committed to TheBEAST!

Why do I say TheFatGuy is Committed to TheBEAST? I am pretty sure TheFatGuy is committed to TheBEAST and Beast Mode when he Tattoos




on the upper part of his left arm and shoulder! Yep, I went to the Iron Lotus Studios on Sunday with Polly to talk to the owner/artist (Dave) about a tattoo.  Dave talked us for a few minutes and gave us some information to consider when I told him the phrase I wanted on my body. So Polly and I went on our merry way and investigated fonts and type styles for several days. Iron Lotus was one of many studios TheFatGuy checked out online and 3 studios Polly and TheFatGuy visited. I made the right choice to go to the Iron Lotus and Dave! The tattoo was done yesterday!

Some family and friends will think this was a impulsive decision on TheFatGuy and Polly's part, but it was not. Polly has been talking with ME for sometime about getting a tattoo. I always liked the idea, but nothing really jumped out at ME that I wanted permanently on TheFatGuy's body! Then, as 2011 closed and 2012 marched on, TheFatGuy  started to realize he was beginning to fine tune his journey. He starting saying and writing TheFatGuy, TheFitGuy, TheBEAST. It even became part of his email signature. It became part of his thinking and speaking. TheFatGuy was becoming TheBEAST!

How does TheFatGuy define TheBEAST? Well  it starts with the post From FATGUY to FITGUY to BEAST! with the paragraph below:

So after losing 150 pounds through 2010 and dealing with an up and down 2011, TheFatGuy went into Beast Mode January 1, 2012. TheFatGuy became better than he had ever thought at fine tuning his body and life. He did not think it was humanly possible for him to change as much as he has, hence he has become a BEAST! He feels so good he feels like a BEAST compared to 2009. He attacks everything with zeal, energy, and passion.
TheFatGuy has lost 32 plus pounds and retooled some life goals since January 1 of this year and is definitely becoming the BEAST he wants to be. TheFatGuy knows that anyone can make dramatic changes in their life if they start work to find their way Out of the Fire!

The phrase, 'He attacks everything with zeal, energy, and passion' is a great start to the definition. This is not just a random statement for effect. It is the way TheFatGuy truly feels! The combination of passion for so many things, raw energy, and zeal for life is SO POWERFUL to TheFatGuy's life and are  the first words that came to mind when he posted on April 5th. He has always had passion, but the added value of energy and zeal have enhanced his life and focus to a level previously not known to him. His journey has taken him to a place he did not know previously, did not think possible, and did not believe existed for him. AND he wants everyone to know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in your life, ANYTHING!

Other words that help define TheBEAST are: strong, driven, confident, happy,  unleashed, inspired, and his tagline-"Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!"

For the above definition and everything TheFatGuy has done to this point, he had to get the tattoo he got yesterday. He sees this point of his journey as another defining moment for him. He is defining how he feels and how he wants to feel. He is exploring areas of himself he did not know existed and NEVER thought possible! He is continuing to define his journey!

One other thing TheFatGuy wants to do with his journey to TheBEAST. He wants everyone to know they have the power to change their life at any time. He wants you to know that what he thought impossible pre-2009 is possible. Most of what TheFatGuy is now was not on his radar in early 2009. If you don't change by 30 it won't happen, if you don't change by 40 it won't happen, if you don't change by 50……., it is over! Hell, TheFatGuy will be 56 next month and in the greatest health and shape of his life! IF he can go from TheFatGuy to TheBEAST in his mid-fifties, anyone can overhaul their life at any time!

As I tell everyone, "Take care of YOU for YOU! Be the best YOU that YOU can and want to be."

Note to ME and YOU: Find your BEAST! COMMIT to YOU and what gets YOU to your BEAST!

TheFatGuy, TheFitGuy, TheBEAST !

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