Coffee, Conversation, and Inspiration!

I had a great cup of coffee that included conversation and inspiration on Friday. I met with a friend of mine that I first met during my Port Authority days. That friend is Angie Mizzell.

Angie was a 'summer help' at Columbus Street Terminal in the mid 90s when I managed there. She was not your typical summer help as she was definitely an asset to the operation and office. Many summer help would come in to get a summer paycheck and count the days till there return to school. That was not Angie. She did a great job with our office and found success there. She did not have to work at a high level as a summer help, but that was not her. She is not one to sit back and watch the world go by.

Not surprisingly, I have seen success follow Angie over the years. She has been a successful TV personality/reporter, wife, mother, and now blogger/budding author.  When you talk with her you see she has an infectious smile and her eyes show a deep interest in the person she is speaking with and the topic at hand.

What we talked about included our books, life, motivation, and, not surprisingly, success. Some items that I jumped out at me and I made note of were:

  • Simple- We have both come to the conclusion that Keeping It Simple (KISS) works.  We both have tested the water by complicating things at times and found that KISS is a great way to approach any issue.
  • Success- Our focus on Success was obvious. Analyzing Success, Not Failure was something we both saw as a key to our past and hopefully future success.
  • Shoulda, Coulda,  Woulda-  One of my final statements to Angie in our conversation was, "I am not a person that focuses on shoulda, coulda, woulda thoughts and conversation. "  In talking about the past although I recognize and openly discuss my failures I do not think about going back to change anything. Life is a series of failures that lead to success. If you are working toward success in anything  you will find failure along the way. Failing to try is the only true failure.

I found myself inspired by Angie and her success in life.  We are all capable of creating our own success. Finding and associating with people that have built and are building a path to success will help you build YOUR path.

Note to ME and YOU: Seek Success, Share Success, and surround yourself with successful people!

You can see Angie's Blog at

Loving LIfe!


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