Checking in Back in CHARLESTON!

Polly and I are both back in Charleston together for the first time since June 11th! I got back in town last Thursday and Polly pulled in this afternoon. With all we have been through this summer it is amazing we have not both gotten as big as cows! Polly has lost about 6 pounds this summer which is  great with all she has done for her parents and our niece. As I wrote last week, I was up to 224 and am back down to 218 this morning.

Polly and I have both worked hard to take care of ourselves as we work to help family. It has been great that we have been able to keep our own health and fitness in mind while helping her parents get settled back in Pickens (her dad is now on Hospice at home) and helping our niece move half way across the country. We have both been able to bend without BREAKING! We have done this by dealing with life one day at a time, celebrating the blessings, and working through the tough stuff together.

I did stay away from sugar this past week, as I had promised myself. This definitely helped me to get back on track and focus on better nutrition and regular exercise. Coleen measured my body fat today and it showed me at 19.7% at 218 pounds. On January 22nd my body fat was 22.6% at 215.6 pounds. This is good news as I continue to work to become a better engine for burning calories, eliminating fat and building muscle. A pound of muscle burns 50 more calories a day than a pound of fat. My body fat is well within the healthy range for my age for the first time in forever. I continue to take a hard look at where I am and where I need to be to lead a healthy life.

Polly and I went to Cold Stone for the first time in a long time tonight as she returned to town! I feel comfortable with this since I was able to remove sugar from my diet for a week. I will continue to log and be honest with myself. I do know that I will be successful on my journey dealing with life one day at a time!

NOTE to YOU and ME: "What I do today is important because I am exchanging a day of my life for it." "Each Day is a Gift."

Loving Life and Happy to have Polly HOME!!

The Fat Guy! 

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