For those of you that faithfully follow me on my website!! It’s time for…..

For those of you that faithfully follow me on my website!! It's time for ME to show YOU what I have been working on for quite some time. It is MY story!! You can get it FREE at  . Just put in your email address and hit Subscribe on the linked page! You will get 'Fat Guy Diary: Out of the FIRE!' in an ebook for FREE. It will also transfer you to my new email list for updates and newsletters!

I hope you enjoy reading the struggles and triumphs of TheFatGuy. AND I hope it helps you or someone you know start their journey NOW!

Always Remember to Take Care of YOU!


The Final 1.2 Miles of the Youth Marathon Program

 Youth Marathon Program

TheFatGuy is proud and thankful for any of his accomplishments in life. One accomplishment he is most proud of is leading the Youth Marathon Program since October of 2009. He has seen participation grow from 75 students and one school participating in a significant way to over 500 students this year with 2 schools having 93 and 123 participants each.

The Youth Marathon Program is a race, but not a 'foot' race! It is a race to help kids establish healthy lifestyle habits at an early age. TheFatGuy wants this to be the first steps in the very long marathon that will be needed to turn the tide on our present obesity epidemic. We have students of ALL fitness levels participating in this program. We have seasoned young runners, walkers, joggers, and some in wheelchairs.

We have such a neat support network of people guiding these kids: parents, teachers, day porters, principals, siblings, nurses, and the list goes on! All of these people are champions in my eyes and are champions to the kids they guide!

So as we reach the Final 1.2 miles of this year's program, let's keep the 'eyes on the ball' and realize this is a step in setting healthy habits for the rest of this year and a lifetime!

TheFatGuy thanks ALL of the caring adults that brought this program to one child or a school full of children!!! You are doing something very great. You are changing the life of a child and changing the path of a nation.

Note to ME and YOU: Change the obesity epidemic one step at a time, one child at a time, one habit at a time. JUST DO IT, PLEASE!!

TheFatGuy TheFitGuy TheBEAST

TheFatGuy’s New Year’s Resolution sealed with a KISS!

TheFatGuy has done well with some lifestyle and habit changes and not so well with others during his journey. This past year he continued to learn lessons on his journey and is working to apply KISS to his New Year's Resolutions for 2013. He is sticking with 2 resolutions this year with different strategies:

  1. Wear 32" Waist jeans!
  2. Develop a plan to MARKET his coaching, speaking, and book!

Let's take a look at Number 1 > TheFatGuy gets into 32" waist jeans. He has hit some 'stretch goals' with resolutions in the past. Things like losing 150 pounds in 363 days or doing 150 straight reps of Stoney Field bleachers have been big ticket goals for TheFatGuy in the past. AND, he has attained these goals! Why pick getting into 32" jeans? Well he has not been in 32" jeans since 9th grade! He has pushed the limits of the 34" jeans he has worn the past year or so and needs some motivation to reinforce good healthy habits and eliminate old unhealthy ones. Although he is over 3 1/2 years into his journey, the old lifestyle habits creep in when stress and life happen. SO,  his plan is not to go up to 36" waist jeans but to go down to 32" waist jeans!!

And, just how does he go about reaching this stretch goal? Well, he has tried many things in the past and he will return to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). He has reviewed things he has done in the past and will use parts of these things to KISS It!

  1. Be Specific & measurable: choosing a very specific and measurable goal of 32" waist jeans. They are sitting in the closet NOW!!
  2. Set a time table: Project will be complete by March 31, 2013! Subject will be able to wear these 32" jeans on December 31, 2013!
  3. Visualize: I am seeing myself wearing those jeans and they are in my face every time I open the closet!
  4. Keep a journal/log: This is a 'no brainer' for TheFatGuy! He has tried to come off of using his log during 2012 and it has not worked well. Daily logging of eating and activity will happen!
  5. Avoid previous resolutions: This seemed important to TheFatGuy. He has hit other stretch goals and missed some other common goals. He felt he needed a new stretch goal to move his journey to new heights! And he sees the heights on the horizon.
  6. Plan: Now down to the nuts and bolts>

    1. No processed sugar except for sorbet. And if sorbet is an issue, NO sorbet.
    2. daily calorie intake target will be 1400-1800 calories per day. (Present BMR-2098)
    3. exercise routine will be focused on his Total Gym XLS. It has simple routines that include some great ab and core work to trim his waistline! He needs simple to keep on track.
  7. Expect to revert to old habits from time to time. Treat failure as a temporary set-back. The only failure will be failing to try!

Hmmm, think that about covers the 32" jean goal. Pretty straight forward and simple even for TheFatGuy!

Number 2 is a little different. TheFatGuy has been stuck on trying to figure out how to MARKET himself. He has been really good at promoting other people and organizations and not so good at promoting himself. He has a one step plan at this point for the marketing goal. GET HELP AND ADVICE! He is enlisting the help of Dan Gheesling to coach him in this effort. So, as good as TheFatGuy is promoting others he has not totally figured out how to promote himself and gain the traction he needs to get the ball rolling. He will get the help of someone who knows how to coach and knows how to win. Not a bad combination!

KISS has been applied to both Resolutions! Now to make them happen.

Note to ME and YOU: KISS it with a PLAN or a COACH but whatever you do Keep It Simple Stupid!




Taking care of YOU, taking care of ME!

The following message is for anyone taking care of a loved one or anyone that is a caregiver! AND it is dedicated to Polly and all of the wonderful caregivers at Roper Hospital and Roper Rehab! YOU ROCK!

Over the past  4 weeks Polly and TheFatGuy have been working to give her mom (Effie) the best care possible in Roper Hospital, then a sub acute care facility (which will remain nameless), back to Roper, and now in Roper Rehab acute care. It has been an investment of time, love, energy, tears, and more time. There seems like a severe shortage of time these days to cover everything that needs doing.

So, what's TheFatGuy to do?

First, Polly and TheFatGuy both love her mom dearly and would do anything in the world to help her live a happy healthy life. All of the 'investment' made by Polly and TheFatGuy has been worth it now that Effie is in Roper Acute Care Rehab. They are doing a wonderful job taking care of her and working with her to regain the use of her right arm and leg due to a stroke while working with and around a fractured pelvis. The many hours in the hospital, on the phone, checking out facilities, and checking in with family/friends is paying off! Thanks to all family, friends, Roper staff, and most importantly God for being with Polly and TheFatGuy during this time.

Second, the amount of time invested with Effie's care has been overwhelming at times. You begin to struggle with:  when do you NEED to be with her, how long should you stay, are you doing enough, what is enough, and the questions go on. It is hard and it is overwhelming, though positive results make it worth the investment. A finger moved is a celebration these days! Yet there remains one more question!

How do I take care of ME, while taking care of YOU?

Lastly, this is a hard thing to think about for anyone that is a caregiver and anyone that is caring for a loved one. Whether you are a health care professional or a loved one, YOU need to think about this question. TheFatGuy did some very intentional things to stay on track while dealing with a bout of stress eating and inconsistent logging of food intake!

  1. He intentionally made sure he got some sort of exercise each day. TheFatGuy and Polly purchased their Christmas present early which is the Total Gym XLS! He has worked through each routine on the exercise cards provided over the past few weeks. This gift was timely as he can do some intense workouts on the fly without leaving his house!!
  2. He has worked to make sure he spends some quality time with Polly and other loved ones in his life. It has not always been easy, but much needed. All of these people are great support systems in good times and tough times. Always remember that!
  3. He has worked to make sure he and Polly still attend some outside functions/events. This has been important to both of them. They cannot do everything they want but they can schedule and commit to 'some' things. Dr. J, of Dr.J & TheFatGuy, invited Polly and TheFatGuy to a brunch she and a friend were having last Sunday. This event was intentionally put on the calendar and committed to, as both Polly and TheFatGuy knew they would need some change of pace and a break at this point. It turned out to be a great break for a few hours last Sunday afternoon! Enough time to recharge but not so much that guilt snuck into their minds and hearts!

At this point you may be thinking, 'why is this all so important?'

Check out TheFatGuy's story and you will know why! He ignored taking care of himself for many periods during his life to help improve various operations, organizations, and people find success in life. Finally, he totally invested himself in saving a nonprofit for 3 1/2 years while ignoring his own health/wellness and many key people in his life. This behavior helped many young people while leaving TheFatGuy with 360 pounds of unwanted weight and all of the health and life issues that accompany that obesity! It has taken a committed journey and some work on his part, but he is pretty sure he is a LOT BETTER at helping others now that he is doing a better job of taking care of himself. There is a delicate balance some days, but he works to have the right systems and mindset in place to best take care of him so he can best take care of and help others he loves in his life.

Note to ME and YOU: Take care of YOU so you can be the BEST YOU to take care of others in your life! YOU ARE WORTH IT AND SO ARE THEY!


PS  Thanks again to ALL of the wonderful people at ROPER!

Feeling bad was NORMAL!!

TheFatGuy was involved in an all day Obesity Summit (Conquering Tri-County's Obesity Epidemic: Challenges, Changes, Choices) in Charleston, SC on December 6th. He had the great pleasure of addressing the group of 100 invitees with the story of his journey to health, fitness, and wellness. He spoke of a number of things during his 15 minutes AND 15 minutes is a very short time when you are explaining what you have done over  1376 days!

One thing that TheFatGuy highlighted was the fact that we now have close to 98 million men, women, and children in the ranks of OBESITY! That is 98 million people that he wishes to see start their journeys to health, fitness, and wellness. As TheFatGuy has talked about before, if obesity was a type of cancer we would ALL be beating the doors down trying to find a cure. But OBESITY is a complicated issue wrapped in 98 million individual stories and a wealth of need for changing policies, systems, and environment. If we could 'cure' obesity there might not be a health care crisis!

The other thing that stuck with TheFatGuy about this day and his talk was a question he poses as he shows a picture of himself at 360 pounds with his wife (Polly) and Godchild/niece (Sara Jane). The question: "Just how BAD did I feel?" This is a tough picture for him to see and a tough question for him to answer.  He will try to answer it for you with a little more detail than he gave in his talk the other day.

 In February 2009 TheFatGuy felt terrible. Just moving was a chore for him and exercise was a very distant thought. On the day this photo was taken he was at Wando High School for a production of 42nd Street by the students. HE was there with family and should have been enjoying a fun event with friends and family, but he was not. He had to literally squeeze into the theater seats like one too many sardines in a can of sardines! He was uncomfortable (not the most accurate word) during the entire performance. He was struggling at best. At this time he was taking 7 different drugs to control or manage high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, sleep, migraines, asthma, and joint pain. AND, he used a CPAP machine to sleep! This was the short list of health issues that his obesity caused.  He avoided steps like the plaque, as even scaling one flight of steps would wear him out! He knew where ALL of the elevators were wherever he went. He was the guy that circled multiple times to get the closest parking space wherever he went. Yes, just moving had become a struggle. Can you even imagine him struggling to pick up the dogs bowls from the floor in the morning to feed them and replenish their water? He would warm up for this endeavor by first bending over to get the coffee from a lower cabinet to prepare him to bend all the way to the floor to retrieve the dogs bowls. This is sad and funny all at the same time. It’s OK for me to say this as I know TheFatGuy all too well!

The worst part of it all is that feeling bad had become the norm in TheFatGuy's life. So much so that he did not even realize 'how bad he felt' until he started losing weight and feeling better. That is a terribly scary thought that someone could feel bad for so long that it had become normal and accepted. He had lost touch with what feeling good, fit, and healthy was like. He now knows just how bad he felt. That is why the picture with this story is the desktop photo on his phone. He DOES NOT want to forget how bad he felt. He does not want to travel the journey back to that place where he felt terrible.

Now TheFatGuy wonders just how many of the 98 million men, women, and children are in the same boat he was in 2009. Has feeling bad become the norm for them? Have they accepted their obesity and all of the issues that come with it? Do the even know what feeling good is like? Do they remember or have a reference point for it? TheFatGuy feels sad when he thinks of someone else thinking that feeling bad is the norm when he knows what it is like to feel so good now.

Note to ME and YOU: If you are one of the 98 million people struggling with obesity now, PLEASE start your journey today! If you are lucky enough to NOT be in this number, help someone that is starting their journey to health and wellness.

TheFatGuy, TheFitGuy, TheBEAST

Lighten Up Legends – Mike’s Story

A good friend of TheFatGuy's recently made him the first "Lighten Up Legend" for the City of Charleston's Lighten Up Charleston initiative. He is excited about this recognition and hopes that anyone that takes time to read his story, starts their own journey!

Lighten Up Legends – Mike’s Story

Mike Campbell Feb 2009Mike CampbellMike Campbell Running Stoney Steps

From age 19 to almost 53 I was a eating machine housed in an obese body. Stress and addictive behavior lead to a person that was 360 pounds approaching his 53rd birthday. During the second week of February 2009 three things happened that triggered me (TheFatGuy) to start thinking about my struggle with weight and obesity.

First, attached you will find a picture of me with my wonderful wife (Polly) and God Child (Sara Jane). The picture was taken at Sara Jane’s High School where she was in a production of 42nd Street. The person you see in this picture felt horrible. I had to literally squeeze my body into the theater style seats in the auditorium. My health was a list of issues that included, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Anxiety, Sleep Issues, Migraines, Asthma, cervical vertebrae issues and Esophageal Reflux. I was on 7 medications for these issues and using a CPAP machine to breath while sleeping. I could barely scale one flight of steps and struggled just to pick up the dogs bowls off of the floor to feed them each day. I could write forever about how bad I felt and not totally capture the feelings I experienced as I sat in that theater at 360 pounds.

Second, my wife, Polly, was struggling with my weight issues that were causing that list of health issues in the paragraph above. She was worried and for good reason that my next health issues could lead to a heart attack, stroke, or worse. She was thinking ‘Just how big are you going to get’. She even told a good friend she was thinking about asking me ‘Just how big are you going to get’? Her friend suggested she put that question/statement in a letter or email rather than have a conversation with me. I think her friend knew it would not be a pleasant conversation and Polly knew it, also. Polly did not tell me about this thought until I was 2 months into my journey to health and wellness. But, the 2nd week of February 2009 I knew she was worried, upset, and concerned. After 24 years of marriage you just know these things.

Third and most critical, was ‘The Fire’ story. This major life changing event was a story my wife told me about a speaker she heard at a course she attended in February 2009. She came home from the class and said they had a guest speaker tell them a story and ask them a question. The speaker asked if you are in a burning building with the president of the US, the governor of your state, the mayor of your town, the pope, and all of your family members, who is the most important person in the fire? I asked my wife who? She said it was her, because if she could not find her way out of the fire she could not help anyone else find their way! This story stuck with me and bounced around in my head for several weeks. THE FIRE story was important.

This story above all of my health issues, above how horrible I felt, and above anything else, was the trigger to cause the chain of events that needed to happen to change my life. I woke up on March 2, 2009 knowing that I had to do a better job taking care of ME if I wanted to help anyone else in my life. I needed to find my way out of my own personal ‘Fire’. I went to my laptop first thing that morning and started a spreadsheet that still guides me today. In my very first entry I identified the fact that I needed to make this a journey and that I needed to be a better ME for the people I loved most in my life. I log my eating and exercise daily on this sheet. I saved that document as FatGuyDiary on that day to identify my major issue and to emphasize my need to log to attain success.

I lost 150 pounds in 363 days! I worked on better eating, better exercise, better life habits, and learning how to be a better healthier ME. I am off of the 7 medications I was taking in 2009, as well as, my CPAP machine. I am fitter and healthier at 56 years of age than any other time in my life. I have gone from TheFatGuy to TheFitGuy to TheBEAST! I have done this using my log, KISS (Keeping It Simple Stupid), and HAW (waking up each day being Honest with myself about what I have done well and not so well the day before, Choosing a good Attitude to make good choices, and drinking Water!)

Now I share my story on a website ( ) and volunteer with a number of obesity prevention efforts in South Carolina, to include, Eat Smart Move More SC, Eat Smart Move More Charleston Tri-County, The Lean Team, Lighten Up Charleston, and I am volunteer director of the Youth Marathon Program. Obesity, especially Childhood Obesity, is something I use my story to help change. I want to show people that if I can change my life in my mid-fifties that they can change it at any time.


Note: One thing that really help my journey was challenging myself to walk the bleachers at a local High School football stadium near my house (Stoney Field). They became that mountain I would climb. At 360 pounds I avoided even one flight of steps. As I worked on ways to improve my weight loss and fitness I stopped at the stadium as I past one day. I walked up 17 bleachers and down 34 steps. I did this regularly till I could do 100 straight reps in under an hour. This year I made a resolution to do 150 straight reps of the bleachers and accomplished this in mid-February, doing 150 straight reps in 93 minutes. Not bad for TheFatGuy that could not scale one flight of steps in 2009!

Making Lemonade from a Bug!

The Glass is HALF FULL.... at least

When you are overcome bad a bad ‘bug’ or virus it can be very disheartening and totally disruptive. And that my friends is where TheFatGuy found himself this week. He awoke in the middle of the night Sunday night with major stomach ‘issues’ , feeling horrible, cold sweats, and fever. Not a good place to be with a long planned week ahead. It was the worst TheFatGuy has felt since starting his journey in March 2009. Not a good place to be for a guy that has gained control of his life, health, and fitness> ‘having little control over this bug that caught him completely by surprise’. From in control to out of control in the blink of an eye.

As the sun came up on Monday TheFatGuy started realizing just how sick he was and just how many meetings and obligations he had on the books. He did not even venture to his laptop for two days, now that is sick! He started looking at his schedule from his phone and worked to figure what he would do, as he felt like doing nothing. He was concerned about the negative impact this ‘bug’ would have on him and others he had committed to during this week. He knew the emails and contacts were piling up. …….

Sitting here this morning TheFatGuy  is having himself a big old glass of LEMONADE!  Yep, the ‘bug’ was no fun AT ALL ( you need not know the details), but somehow TheFatGuy was able to make lemonade out of this giant bug! He did have help from his friends, colleagues, wife, and others. Did he mention his wife, maybe he should mention her again as he is very lucky she takes such good care of him when he needs it most.

TheFatGuy found that he has some very solid relationships in place. Some emails and text messages from his phone,  as he struggled with this ‘bug’, were all he needed to let people know his situation and inability to handle any meetings or tasks at that time. People took care of meetings, changed schedules, and helped TheFatGuy…… a lot! Other parts of the LEMONADE this morning are:

  • It only lasted 72 hours! He knows many people that deal with much worse!
  • He is caught up on his emails and contacts already!
  • He is smiling on a sunny day at Starbucks!
  • He lost 8 pounds! (not a recommended reboot, but a reboot none the less!)

TheFatGuy is a fortunate guy! He has a lot to be grateful for and thankful for in his life today and always.  He knows that his glass is half full of lemonade this morning and things are looking good. That half empty feeling tried to creep in over the past few days and now……….. well, now he is drinking his lemonade!

Note to ME and YOU: Make sure your glass is half FULL…….. of LEMONADE!




Healthy and Safe Halloween for your Kids!

—————–Moving More——————

Halloween is HERE! A great way to encourage students to be safe and physically active this Halloween is to reinforce safe pedestrian behaviors. 

Tips for Youngest children:

1. Use a Sidewalk When there is a sidewalk we should always use it. If there is not a sidewalk we should always walk on the side of the street, closest to the grass or buildings.

2. Face the Traffic

3. Walk Safely – Safe Behavior When Walking Near Traffic

1. Walk, don’t run.

2. Don’t play around with friends or push.

3. Stay close to a parent, adult, or older sibling.

4. Stay away from cars and busy roads.

5. Be aware of what’s around you. Don’t let toys, phones, or anything else distract you.

4. Beware of Driveways

1) Stop at least one big step before you get to the driveway.

2) Look and listen for cars that may be parked in the driveway. If there is a person inside the car, if the back white lights are on, or if you hear cars in the driveway running, DON’T MOVE! Stop and wait until you know the car is not moving.

3) Look left, right, and left again to make sure cars aren’t entering the driveway from the street, or moving in the driveway. Drivers are often looking for other traffic and might not see you so be cautious!

4) If there is no one in the car, the lights are not on, and all directions are clear, it is safe to cross. Walk with your head up, looking for traffic as you cross.

5. Dress to Be Seen

The best way to be seen when it is dark outside is to wear bright-colored clothing or reflective materials and carry a flashlight. Reflective materials are shiny and become brighter when light hits them. You should put reflective materials on your clothing when it is dark outside so drivers can see you.

—————-Eating Smart—————–


  1. Give children a healthy snack before they go trick-or-treating so that they'll be less tempted to eat their sweets as they go door-to-door. Make sure your children understand that they can't eat any of their candy until you check to make sure it is safe. Get rid of homemade treats made by strangers.
  2. Allow your children to pick out a few of their favorite treats to have right after trick-or-treating. Keep the rest of their candy out of sight and allow them only one to two pieces when they ask for it.
  3. Consider trading a toy or extra allowance for your children's candy. If they are young enough, say the "Candy Fairy" will substitute a toy for the candy if they leave it out for her.
  4. Be a role model by consuming Halloween treats in moderation yourself. Also, it's a good idea to buy candy at the last minute and get rid of leftovers to avoid temptation.
  5. Let caregivers such as grandparents and babysitters know the rules on candy, which will prevent children from getting mixed messages.
  6. Think about giving out non-food treats such as stickers, toys, temporary tattoos, bubbles, small games or colored pencils. If you prefer to give out candy, choose bite-sized ones and hand out dark chocolate (it has antioxidants) or hard candy (it takes longer to eat).

Send it all to the troops, of course!

  1. Our military men and women deployed around the world always enjoy candy in their care packages, and this is the perfect time of year for shipping chocolate–the cooler weather means it's less likely to melt!
  2. Now is the time to plan how you will use Halloween to support the troops. Patriotic kids and parents can send extra Halloween candy to Soldiers' Angels, who will make sure it brightens the day of a service member far from home (please be sure to send "the good stuff,"–no crushed/melted candy or broken/torn wrappers, etc). Stores also offer big discounts on their extra Halloween candy after the 31st, a great opportunity to stock up!
  3. Halloween is a great opportunity to get your school and community involved in gathering candy for deployed heroes.
  4. To send your candy to the troops:            Soldiers' Angels
                                                                                    HALLOWEEN CARE
                                                                                    1792 E Washington Blvd
                                                                                    Pasadena, CA 91104

————-Halloween Food Safety Tips for Parents———–

Take these simple steps to help your children have a fun – and safe – Halloween

  1. Children shouldn’t snack while they’re out trick-or-treating. Urge your children to wait until they get home and you have had a chance to inspect the contents of their “goody bags.”
  2. To help prevent children from snacking, give them a light meal or snack before they head out – don’t send them out on an empty stomach.
  3. Tell children not to accept – and especially not to eat – anything that isn’t commercially wrapped.
  4. Parents of very young children should remove any choking hazards such as gum, peanuts, hard candies or small toys.
  5. Inspect commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering, such as an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers. Throw away anything that looks suspicious.


Fitness For People Who Hate Exercise- TheFatGuy Way!

If you hate reading try> Audio links for TheFatGuy's talk with Ryan and Jessica> Part1 and Part2

In February 2009 I was not exercising at all at 360 pounds, unhealthy, and totally out of shape! I struggled to bend over to pick up the dogs bowls off of the floor to feed them, so I hated the idea of exercise. When people see me now they will ask "Did you do P90X, join  a gym, go through some intense training program, ….? I just smile, sometimes laugh, and tell them at 360 pounds I just focused on  Moving More the first 6 weeks! I could not even think the word exercise the first six weeks of my journey. I thought about Moving More. I walked the dogs, took the steps every chance I could, picked up some dumbbells I had laying around, and parked further away at stores. By Day 29 I got on my bike for the first time in years. On Day 30 I walked 12 holes of golf before a blister got the best of me. On Day 34 I hiked 1.5 miles at my in-laws house in Pickens on a mountain road. I kept it simple (KISS) and JUST MOVED.

Some keys words I kept in mind:

  • Change your thinking> I sat down with one lady about a year ago to talk to her about starting her journey. At the end of 45 minutes of Q&A she proclaimed she was going to join a gym! I was astounded. I asked her several times why she was going to do that? She looked perplexed and a little upset. I said I am not trying to trick you, BUT, in listening to you the last 45 minutes you have said, 1. you do not have the money to join a gym, 2. you hate gyms, 3. you love to walk on the beach & walk your neighborhood, 4. you always use to love to dance!
  • Build on it> start with what you can do, what you want to do, and build on it. Once you start you may find yourself wanting to move more!
  • KISS> Polly has lost about 30 pounds over the last 16 months and her main exercise tool is a pedometer!
  • Variety> if you are bored change it up! But keep moving!
  • Habits> make moving more a habit by tracking your activity.

Recent research suggests that people who are happiest with their, health, wellness and physical appearance accumulate 5-7 hours of exercise each week.


Examples of ways to MOVE MORE:

Team Sports

Jessica and Ryan with 969 The Wolf love Team sports, especially their kickball team! It's a great way to meet people, socialize, exercise, and find an excuse to drink beer. Most large cities are rife with intramural adult soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and softball leagues. Also there are a fair number of kickball and dodge ball leagues, which can be lots of fun. Rugby is also a great sport if you are serious about beer and learning to swear like a sailor.


Team sports keep you motivated, because people depend on your presence to play the game. Team camaraderie can be a great motivating factor, and other players can give you tips. Plus, team fees are usually much cheaper than a gym membership.


Depending on where you live, sports can be seasonal, so you may need to pick up more than one in order to stay exercising year-round. Also, games are often only once a week, so you'll need to practice in between to stay fit.

Canoeing/Kayaking/Paddle Board

If you have a love of the water and want to find a way to spend more time outdoors, consider a paddle sport. You don't have to buy equipment because there are plenty of places in the Charleston area you can rent equipment to  give it a try.


Canoeing and kayaking make for good upper-body and ab workouts while allowing you to see some lovely sites.


If you are prone to motion sickness, a day at sea on a kayak will only help you lose weight through losing your lunch. Also, purchasing and storing equipment can be a challenge for some people. Keep and eye out for used equipment online and in the print ads.

Roller Derby

If some activities seem a little too tame, you might want to consider careening around a track on roller skates while other people try to knock you over. Roller derby has enjoyed something of a renaissance of late, and although you don't have to be a tattooed mega babe to try out for your local league, it's a good place to hang out with tattooed mega-babes. Roller derby is an intense cardio workout, but you don't have time to think much about it as you dodge your teammates and the flying fists of your opponents. And its big in Charleston, Columbia, and other areas now!


Like other team sports, roller derby is full of social events. Also, having cheering crowds attending your exercise regimen can be a real thrill.


Social events take up a great deal of time, to say nothing of the league meetings. Derby is not for the shy.

Boxing, Fencing/Sword Play, LARPingRock Climbing, Walking, Rock Climbing, Martial Arts, Yoga, Dance


TheFatGuy has had several conversations in the last 24 hours that brought him back to that fat guy, TheFatGuy, of February 2009. He was 360 pounds of a walking time bomb. With 7 different medications and numerous health issues, he was Hopeless! TheFatGuy saw no hope that he would EVER turn the tide on his ever growing weight, health problems, and how bad he felt. He had dug his hole and was prepared to accept the fact that he would NEVER climb out of it.

The stories TheFatGuy has heard over the last 24 hours hit very close to home. He will not identify individuals but will give you an overview of the stories he was told about people that had friends that were, let's say, in trouble. That trouble all radiated out from being obese and not being able to deal with it, not knowing how to deal with it, and ultimately, accepting the weight! The problems included, several heart attacks, depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, diabetes, and the list goes on. One thing that was a theme through each story was at least one very concerned friend/loved one that felt helpless, a person in what appeared to be a helpless hopeless situation, and a desperation to find an answer to help a friend/loved one.

The HOPELESS feeling does not belong to just the person with the weight and health issues. It belongs to loved ones and friends. Polly, TheFatGuy's loving wife, will attest to that fact. She felt HOPELESS and scared as TheFatGuy struggled with life. She watched as TheFatGuy dug his hole so deep he had no obvious ladder or rope to climb out of it. As hard as she tried she could not find a way to help TheFatGuy. She would not enable his behavior but she could not seem to do anything to really get him to help himself. THANK GOD she relayed 'The Fire Story' to TheFatGuy . The story that changed his life. The rope that he used to climb out of his hole.

TheFatGuy is often asked 'how do I help someone out of this seemingly hopeless situation?' It is a tough question with no easy answer. Some people would have you think it is easy, TheFatGuy knows different. TheFatGuy tries to give some direction/advice:

  • The person needs to know they need to start the journey for themselves. Tell them The Fire Story. They need to know that they have to help themselves first so they can be around to help others they love and want in their lives.
  • Do not enable their behavior and try to be there when the person is ready to change. You may become a valuable support system when they are ready to start their journey.  
  • Let them know you know a 56 year old guy that turned his life around. Give them the website, , to prove it to them. He is healthier and fitter now than in his 20s.
  • Offer to go out on some healthy outings with the person. A nice walk/hike, dance, yoga, or other healthy activity. You might start steering the ship in the right direction.
  • Even if the person seems to have given up on themselves, try to have the strength not to give up on them (pray for it). This is a tough one. Polly never gave up in TheFatGuy, even though it became very maddening for her. TheFatGuy is a lucky man.
  • When starting, encourage the person to apply KISS. When it comes to the journey, Keep It Simple. Start the journey and find the simplest path to take. It is a hard journey, so it needs to be simple

TheFatGuy cannot promise that any of this will work, but he hopes it helps. He was able to overcome his HOPELESS state and he knows others can do the same.

Note to ME and YOU: Do not enable. Do not give up. Pray for strength

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