Brutally Honest versus ‘Kind’ Dishonesty!

Brutally Honest versus Kind Dishonesty is something I have thought about during my journey to ME. I, as many people I know, struggle with this as it applies to dealing with others. Do we tell people what we actually think or do we temper it? Do we say what we are actually thinking or what the other person wants to hear? Do we just blatantly lie to someone to make a quick escape from, what could become, an awkward conversation? I have dealt with this throughout several careers and in my personal life.

With close friends and 'most' family members, I am very honest about what I see, know, and think. I try to put things in perspective with them and invest time in them, their needs, and their situations. I think that may be what makes a big difference. How much time do you have to invest in how many people? Being brutally honest can be time consuming!!

Then I thought just about ME. What do I want? I would want people to be honest with ME, wouldn't I? I think most people I rely on in life are honest with ME and I need to know that they are honest with ME so I can make the best choices in my journey. I also know when people are being Kindly Dishonest with ME. I guess years of you’re a big boned guy, you carry your weight well, and other such statements bring that to light. Or business meetings where someone says I'll get back to you on that (and you know it ain't happening), that's a great idea (without ever coming back to the great idea), we will take that under consideration (File 13), I will do that (then do something totally different)…….. and so on.

The main question for me is, 'What do I want from ME for ME? I want to experience BRUTAL HONESTY with MYSELF. I have to be brutally honest with ME. Hard, YES, Necessary, YES. If I want to continue on MY journey to health, fitness and ME, I need to be able to look in the mirror every morning and be brutally honest with ME about what I did well and not so well the day before. I need to assess and deal with any 'baggage' immediately. Bottom line, focus on what is working and deal with what is not working.  (FYI 360 pounds on a 6' tall male ain't working)

I NEED to be brutally honest with ME, because kind dishonesty almost killed me! I cannot and will not go back to where I was in February of 2009! At 360 pounds I was a step away from total disaster with no quality of life. I was not honest with ME. I did not take a hard brutal look at ME. I need to be totally, yes brutally, honest with ME. It is the first step in my day when I wake up. Honesty, then Attitude, then Water (HAW)!

Note to ME and YOU: I may struggle with Brutal Honesty toward others but I Must Require Brutal Honesty with ME! Kind Dishonesty could lead to disaster! (just check out the ticking time bomb in the picture for a disaster in motion)


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One thought on “Brutally Honest versus ‘Kind’ Dishonesty!

  1. Another “talk topic” for sure. I like how you addressed the amount of time it takes… being honest requires an investment, in ourselves and in others.