BOOM! Back in the 200s! 298 on day 80!!

I weighed 298 pounds this morning! Polly checked the scale to make sure I was reading it correctly! I am including pictures as promised (0ne in this blog and one below). My journey has seen some ups and downs to this point, but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

All-in-all I had a successful weekend. I was able to maintain my weight while on a road trip and out of my routine. The staff at Clear Creek Ranch ( were very helpful with my Atkins plan, especially Mike (cook, chef, omelet specialist) and the other people that prepared our meals. I thank them for helping to keep me on track.

I had a great birthday yesterday. I worked at Starbucks in the morning researching Personal Training Certifications and registering for a training and future test. I shopped at, yes, COSTCO for our favorite deals and followed that up with a good workout. Polly and I attended a Tocqueville Society (Trident United Way) event to view some classic cars. I did not indulge in the wonderful food, but thoroughly enjoyed the company and atmosphere. Our local United Way has a good combination of strong staff and committed volunteers.

I am overjoyed with my progress to this point. As some of you know, I had planned to have a 40 pound weight loss by yesterday, so being down 53 this morning is more than a pleasant surprise. Thanks to family and friends for your support!

Loving Life Always,
Fat Guy

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