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I will be talking about exercise on a budget with 2 Girls and a Guy on 95SX July 9 at 830. They want to know how far $50 will get you starting your exercise routine. I thought this would be a great subject to blog about so here goes.

First, think about where you want to start, what you will stick with, and how to keep it simple. You want to do this so you stick with whatever you start. If you are on a tight budget, you want to make a sound investment! Think about what you love to do. Do you like to run, walk, dance, or tone/build muscle? Start with what you have the best chance of sticking with over a week, 2 weeks, a month or longer.  

Let’s list out some items to start:

·         You can get a Danskin Now Yoga Kit for $20.36 from Walmart Danskin Now Yoga Kit:

o   25 cm exercise ball

o   Blow tube

o   Light-resistance band

o   Yoga mat (23'' x 68'')

o   6-inch cotton yoga strap

o   Workout guide and DVD

o   Fitness guidebook

·         Omron HJ-112 Premium Pedometer

o   Can be carried in your pocket, bag or on your belt and still track every step you take

o   Large display resets at midnight so it's ready to go every morning

o   Clock shows time of day and time spent doing aerobic walking

o   Security strap attaches to clothing, preventing pedometer from being lost

o   Counts steps at all positions perpendicular to the ground

o   Counts steps and aerobic steps during walking or jogging

o   Tracks distance traveled in miles and amount of calories burned

o   7-day memory function lets you review a full week of exercise

o   Detachable pedometer belt holder with spring clip

o   Monitor your time with AM/PM clock

o   Omron pedometer accessories: battery screwdriver, clip, CR2032 battery, strap, belt holder

o   Dimensions: 2.88'' L x 2.13'' W x 0.63'' H

o   Weighs 1.13 oz. (battery included)

o   Omron pedometer model no. HJ-112

·         Drive Medical Deluxe Folding Exercise Peddler with Electronic Display for $29.01, Features:

o   Five function display indicates exercise time, revolution count, revolutions per minute and calories burned

o   Scan feature alternately displays all measurements automatically

o   Ideal for leg and arm muscle exercising

o   Four anti-slip rubber pads prevent sliding and protect surfaces

o   Resistance easily adjusted with tension screw

o   Completely assembled, foldable design

o   Includes: Button cell battery included

·         Exercise Bands! :

o   First, Check out http://www.band-exercises.net to learn about exercises you can do with bands.

o   Second, check out the websites below for different band options:

§  http://www.bodylastics.com

§  http://www.roguefitness.com/bodyweight-gymnastics/fitness-pullup-bands.php?gclid=CL7thMz7nbgCFZBj7Aod4TkAOw

§  http://www.walmart.com/cp/Stretch-Bands-Cords/1078204

§  http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=4417803

·         iPod Shuffle, $49 (Apple Store). Hardy and feather-light, the simple 2-gigabyte iPod Shuffle is a gym staple. The built-in clip means no fussing with an armband. Personalize it by having a message engraved when you order online or by uploading a favorite workout playlist.

·         Walmart> click Exercise Equipment under $50  for 340 results of items under $50!

·         There are a slew of exercise and dance DVDs out there for under $50!

Well I could go on for a long time with this but, as you can see, there is a lot out there you can purchase for $50 or less. My advice would be to check out the Walmart site then shop around and compare online pricing.

My wife and I purchased a Total Gym XLS back in November for Christmas to replace the old 1700 model we had at the house. I figure it cost us about $50 a month for 16 months. We are more than getting our money’s worth out of it!

Some other sites you might want to try are:

·         http://www.target.com/c/exercise-bikes-fitness-sports-outdoors/-/N-56fdb

·         15 Gift Ideas Under $50 for Fitness Buffs

·         http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=node%3D3407731&field-keywords=exercise+under+%2450

As you can see, it is easy to get overwhelmed!

Note to ME and YOU: Choose what works for YOU, not what works for someone else!!


Can TheFatGuy do a Push Up?


Can TheFatGuy do a Push Up?

Can TheFatGuy do a Push Up?

This is a question I will be glad to talk about now…………. but avoided in 2009! In 2009 I was not able to do a push up. Didn't try to do one, didn't want to do one, and couldn't even visualize myself doing one. As Executive Director of the local Boys & Girls Clubs, a board member came to me with a Push Up event idea in 2007. He worked VERY HARD to pull a Push Up fundraiser together with the owner of his training studio and a fellow trainer. They competed against each other in April 2007 to raise funds for the organization. The three of them went head to head for 45 minutes doing Push Ups and raising funds for the kids that needed it so much. I think it raised about $6,000 that year. In the spring of 2008 he developed a team concept and had 5 gyms/teams compete against each other raising funds and Pushing Up the kids that needed it most. He had a vision of a bigger and bigger event that he continued to grow.

I never dreamed of competing in this event or training to do Push Ups to raise money. In my role as executive director, I helped how I could. I MC'd the event in 2008, but never ever dreamed of doing Push Ups in front of a bunch of people! It would have been a Herculean effort for me to do one push up much less do pushups for upwards of 30 minutes. Heck, walking a flight of steps damn near killed me! So to answer the question, in 2008/2009 TheFatGuy could not do a pushup to 'save his life'.

Recently, Dr.J of Dr.J and TheFatGuy, asked me to join her Push Up team with MUSC to help raise funds for our local Community In Schools. I checked it out and who do you think was organizing it? The guy I knew as a board member had grown the event tremendously with the help of many dedicated individuals. I was impressed! But, even though I am in BEAST MODE now, the thought of competing in this event was a little intimidating. I started thinking back to the guy that could not do a pushup in 2008/2009. I started wondering. Then I checked out the recommended training program. Do 5 pushups every 20 seconds for 5 minutes then 10 minutes, up to 30 minutes. WOW, can I do this?

OK, now I took a reality check. I thought about all of the training I had done on the Total Gym that had helped transform me into a fit BEAST! I thought about how I had increased the resistance and number of reps each time I used the Total Gym and did thousands of chest and tricep exercises. I thought about all of the things I could do now that I could NEVER do before!  

And, as we know by now TheFatGuy started a journey, and TheFatGuy became TheFitGuy and grew into TheBEAST. Now let's ask the question again, Can TheFatGuy do a Push Up? Can TheFatGuy do a pushup!………..really, you are going to ask me a question like that. Come on, a pushup, sure he can do a pushup. I think he can do more than a pushup.

I was not going to ask the question, 'can I do this?' anymore.  I WOULD do this event, I WOULD train for it, I WOULD challenge myself, and I WOULD have FUN!! And guess what? I worked up to 2 training sessions of doing 5 pushups every 20 seconds for 30 minutes. Yep, if you can multiply you know that is 450 pushups in 30 minutes. Not bad for a fat guy that could not do a pushup in 2009.

I participated in the PushUp & Up event with Dr.J's team and we had FUN! And we did almost 2,000 pushups and TheFatGuy did over 400 of them.

I am truly blessed to have found my journey, to have found my health, to have found the best fitness of my life with the Total Gym, and to be able to accept challenges that I never dreamed I could tackle. No mountain too high! TheFatGuy has found SUCCESS in another way and built on it.

Note to ME and YOU: Challenge yourself! Nothing else, just challenge yourself, you may be amazed! Find your SUCCESS. A Total Gym could be the perfect way to challenge yourself and help you complete your journey!


PS Chapter 7 in my FREE book talks about what SUCCESS looks like to TheFatGuy. A great friend read this chapter twice recently!! (Thanks Katie)


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