It has been a whirlwind week! Some highlights:
• While finishing the taxes Monday night we got a call @ 7PM that Polly’s mom(Effie) had a ‘bad’ fall in Pickens! Polly went straight away to the Hospital in Easley, SC to take care of her mom. Many cousins and relatives helped out while Polly was making the quick trek upstate. They are still helping for which we are all thankful. Effie has a fractured elbow(surgery) and her pelvis is fractured in two places. Polly and her sister are handling the medical side of things now.
• Planning for my parents 55th Anniversary tonight! WOW 55 years!! Good thing I don’t turn 54 till next month……. I think that is right!!
• I attended the SC Obesity Summit in Columbia Wednesday. A lot of concerned people and organizations were there. We need everyone helping KIDS GET HEALTHY!! This is not about looks, it is about health and life or maybe I should say ‘life or death!’
• Oh, I discovered a sack of fluid on my right elbow Wednesday. I told Polly it was just sympathy pains/swelling for her mom! I am now being treated for Bursitis and had blood drawn just to make sure it was not anything else.
• I agreed to work with some 5th graders @ Buist on looking at the Childhood Obesity Epidemic. Very Cool and something I consider an honor!
• The website is going well and the book just a little slower with all that is going on right now. Polly was in the middle of the book when we got the call about her mom Monday night.

That is just a snippet of my/our week. I continue to work out hard and eat sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I am between 208-211 this week. Chocolate Cheerios are a new food for me to watch! I am evaluating my use of Silk over skim milk now.

I do have many friends for which I am thankful! I have several close friends that are there through ‘thick and thin’ (get it thick & thin, Fat Guy…. well you get it). I have one friend I have known since 2003 and we are great sounding boards for each other. We have seen the highs and lows of friendship and remain close. We can talk about ANYTHING! I need that type of friend!

Note To You: Cherish a close friend and thank them for being who they are….. nothing more nothing less!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!
The Fat Guy!!

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