Analyze Success Not Failure!

I posted "Analyze Success Not Failure" on Twitter and Facebook the other day and got some interesting feedback. That simple statement has come to mean a lot to me this week and on my journey. I am passionate about this statement because it is part of the foundation of my journey to health and fitness.

When I had the Epiphany that pointed me "Out of the Fire" I started on a path that lead me to build success on success. In searching for success I did not have to look far. I worked two careers, at the State Ports Authority and the Boys & Girls Clubs, that were focused on success. The main piece of the puzzle I worked on in each new department, organization, or endeavor revolved around the question:

"What can I do to help each individual be successful to bring success to the department, organization, or endeavor?"  

You see, my belief has always been that if all of the parts are successful the whole will be more than successful. I have been able to add to the success of many individuals in my life which has been a big piece of any happiness I have experienced. I have never done anything miraculous, I have just helped them on their journeys or helped them find their journeys.  I love knowing I can help someone in any way. The big question became, "Can The Fat Guy help himself?"

Turns out I can help myself. I took all of my business philosophies and applied them to my journey. I asked myself the question "How are you going to help this guy be successful on his journey?" I looked at all of the successful things I had done in business and for others  and applied them to my journey. To this point my journey has been a success!

This is not to say I do not acknowledge failure. We all fail if we are trying at all. I just choose to focus my time and energy on Success, on seeking out what works and finding ways to replicate success. I am fully aware of my failures and the things I have not done well. That is part of my daily reflection. BUT, I would much rather focus on and analyze the road to success rather than the path to failure.

Note to ME and YOU:  Find the Success in Your Life and Build on It! (and if you can't find it, seek it out)


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