Am I TOO OLD? TheFatGuy of 2009 might say yes. I am too old and too tired to do anything significant in life. The answer from TheFitGuy would be NO, I am working on my health and fitness with life getting better each day. TheBEAST would say, "HELL NO! Are you calling ME OLD!?" I am a BEAST, I will be 56 this month and I am as young as I have ever felt!


The inspiration for this question comes from a dear friend almost, as she might put it, two decades younger than TheFatGuy. Her smile and writing are constant inspiration for many. She wrote a blog this week titled “I’m too old to die young now.” It is a great read that may lead you to some other great reads. Her name is Angie Mizzell and she is on her own journey exploring life.


There was a question and an answer that jumped out at me as I read her post. The Question was:

AM I GOOD ENOUGH? This question has been in TheFatGuy's mind a lot over his life. The many internal and external voices in his life have caused him to feel HE was not good enough to do some things HE might have done. Fortunately for HIM he is not a big shoulda, coulda, woulda person.


TheFatGuy started his journey with this Answer in mind: I DON'T CARE! It is also the answer that jumped out at ME in Angie's blog. I don’t care about:

  • That internal voice that holds TheFatGuy back from becoming TheBEAST he wants to be.
  • What people say. Those external critics and naysayers that have nothing positive to contribute.
  •  My age!
  • The shouda, coulda, wouldas
  • ANYTHING that holds TheBEAST BACK!


AM I GOOD ENOUGH? TheBEAST says, "HELL YES, and GETTING BETTER EVERY DAY! I DON'T CARE about negative comments that hold TheBEAST back from is journey. I DO CARE about ME, God, the people I love in my life, and traveling the journey I need to travel.


YOU need this attitude to start your journey. YOU need this attitude to accomplish the things you want to accomplish on your journey. Whether that be losing weight or dealing with any of life's many issues. YOU are good enough!


Note to ME and YOU: I AM GOOD ENOUGH to be the best ME I can be! And, I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT! And Thanks to Angie for her inspiration.



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