I have a friend that has recently found his health and fitness journey. He contacted me to ask if I could help him. In his words and message I saw he was committed to the lifestyle change he would need to choose/make and not looking for that magic pill, button, or fix so many of us want. Yep, we all want easy, right now fixes to a life of being overweight and/or headed in the wrong direction. I am very impressed with Rusty and his journey so far.

I will share some highlights of Rusty’s journey to this point:
• Late February/Early March> Rusty and I started talking about his journey. We talked about weight, food, exercise, and life.
• March 15, 2010> Rusty chose to start his journey to fitness and health on this date weighing 386 pounds.
• April 20, 2010> Rusty and I talked about and planned nutrition from his start date to this day. We are now planning his move toward exercise and fitness routines.
• April 30, 2010> Day 47 of Rusty’s Journey and he is down from 386 to 345! 41 pounds loss on the 47th day of his journey. GREAT WORK! We developed his first workout routine today!
• Rusty has done a lot right. He has logged everything! He has taken what I have shown him and invested the time to log, in detail, what he is eating and doing each day. He has not had to use his inhaler in 5 weeks. He has added small amounts of exercise on his own (i.e. walking on treadmill for a mile @ a time).

Sometimes I think I am more excited about Rusty’s journey than he is! He is a little like me in this respect. He does not get too high or too low about the things that are happening to him. I think this will help him stay on his journey !

Oh, me! I am doing OK! My schedule is a little crazy right now. I am going up to help with my in-laws for 2 days next week. My mother-in-law is still in the hospital/rehab and my father-in-law is recovering at my sister-in-law’s house with a fractured L3! I am mentoring 2 students @ Buist on their school project (Exhibition) which happens to be researching Childhood Obesity. I am in charge of the Kids Marathon Program for the Charleston Marathon in January of 2011. We are planning to do a program with the kids from the beginning of school in 2010-11 up to the date of the event in January 2011. I am helping Coleen with The Lean Team and on the Executive Committee of Charleston Tri-County Eat Smart Move More Imitative. Polly is finished her review of our book and I will put together all of her thoughts and mine to meet with Marjory next Thursday. I will be walking with the Lean Team/CCSD tomorrow morning West Ashley and speaking at a great fundraiser for Camp Kemo in Manning, SC tomorrow evening. You know, I am pretty busy for AN UNEMPLOYED FAT GUY! Someplace in there is suppose to be Polly time, family time, recovering from surgery time and me time! I am working on that now!! 🙂

Note to YOU: Live Your Life!! Make Every Moment Count and share it with a family member or friend!

Living, Loving, Losing, Laughing!
The Fat Guy!

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