2012: Take a SWOT at it!

It is a perfect time to do a personal SWOT Analysis if you are looking at New Year's Resolutions and plans for 2012! A SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. If you look at your New Year's Resolution as a personal project then the next few days will be key in setting a successful platform for your New Year's Resolution.

I have done SWOT analysis in business, nonprofit, and even with the local school district. Thinking about doing it on a personal level came about as Polly (my loving wife), the dogs, and TheFatGuy (me) drove to Pickens for Christmas with the Porter/Heiney/Campbell contingent. We talked about the coming year and things TheFatGuy needs to do on a personal, volunteer, and professional level. I asked Polly to pull out a tablet as I drove and we did a SWOT Analysis on TheFatGuy. One of the pieces of personal business I need to take care of is recommitting to taking care of my health, wellness, and fitness. I have allowed myself to stay in the 230's for most of the second half of 2011 while doing a decent job building and toning muscle. Although my health is still good I am concerned with this number as it could easily continue to head north which is not at all acceptable. I know that I want to get to at least 215 or below and I need to look at it in a constructive way. How does the SWOT apply here:



  • Lost 150 pounds in 2009/2010
  • Have overcome multiple addictions
  • strong planning/strategic background in business
  • Supportive wife and family


  • procrastination
  • can't manage sugar
  • can't manage without logging


  • to take my wellness to a new level for me
  • to show others that you can change your life for the better at any age


  • procrastination
  • external pressures (hectic schedule)
  • injury/illness


I plan to work on my personal SWOT Analysis over the next few days and hope to update you on my decisions, strategy, and progress. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to consider doing your own personal SWOT Analysis and put it in writing! If you have a strong relationship with your significant other or want to test it (!) then include them in your evaluation of you! I know I found value in having Polly talk through it with me.

Note to ME and YOU: SWOT your troubles away!


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