I AM TheFatGuy

TheFatGuy has traveled an AMAZING JOURNEY since March 2, 2009 when he lost over 150 pounds in 363 days! HE transformed his life. HE is now taking that knowledge and experience, combined with the knowledge and experience he gained during 2 careers, to do what he does best……….. HELP OTHERS!


TheFatGuy can help YOU on your journey: through his FREE on-line book, Guide/Coaching or by starting your own business. He can be the secret to your SUCCESS. Check out the menu to the right HOW THEFATGUY CAN HELP YOU! TheFatGuy loves helping people!

He also supports a number of nonprofits (CAUSES) through his volunteer efforts. He asks you to support one of these organizations or consider support for one that is near to your own heart! You can check out all of his volunteer work under THEFATGUY’S CAUSES menu at the middle right of this page.

FAT GUY PIC FEB 2009     TheFatGuy-Jims-Old-Pants